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Friday, 6 April 2018 | Comments: 0
In light of my fourth year on Web 2.0, more specifically on the blogosphere I bring you 'Season 4'; Stepping away from the world of posting, sharing the life of style made a lot of sense. Taking the time off to recollect your ideas, think of ways you can improve, reconnect with family and friends made a lot of sense. Very much like taking a seasonal break in TV shows, or taking time off before making the sequential return of a movie, they always come back better than ever. Take 'Friends' for example; every season Rachel & Co. comes back with a new hairdo, signifying a change in time or suggesting a turning point. That's what it's all about, taking a step back to understand the turning point or your next move: Becoming a workaholic has its ups, it only has its ups if you work hard for what you want, but it's also important to regroup your mind and surroundings. Take your time to freshen up. Talking nonsense but also not, my little blogging hiatus time is up. Take it from me, I'm back. Continue for outfit details. // Photographed by Wono Kim @ W Studio.


Tuesday, 19 December 2017 | Comments: 0
The story of a last-minute Christmas shopper; We've all done it. Deciding whether to walk miles on end to stores you can't find a meaning to [Can't get fast food as a present, can you?], this year that ended with a hit of heaven. The active years of shopping for the essentials at Smith & Caughey's made me realise it's a hub for and of everything. A little dramatic but true, decades of returning for Kiehl's Skin Rescuer and MAC Pro Longwear Pencil Liner in Definitely Black made your girl a little washed up with the regulars; just like ordering the same thing at a restaurant. You don't know what other heavenly exists. This year Santa gave to me the gift of convenience along with my favourite gift giving brands. Continue to see what I picked for the endless secret santa and gifts for dear ones with the help of Smith & Caughey's. // All available in stores and online:, Photographed by your girl.


Wednesday, 1 November 2017 | Comments: 0
She's tough, but conscious. She's headstrong, but humble. She's ambitious, but hardworking. She's inspired, but original. She's a leader, but knows your worth. She's an exterior, but an interior, She's a rule breaker, but a revolution. All this said and done, every 'she' has a 'he': The Balmain Army increased a multitude from this day on with its eyewear collection, affordable and luxurious eyewear available exclusively at Specsavers, taking the definition of a strong wo(man) and turning it into something attainable. Direct from Olivier Rousteing's vision and into yours, they're your power glasses. Put them on and you're the strong body you've wanted to be, you've been scared to let out. From this side of the pond, we teamed up with Specsavers to bring the story of #TheBalmainArmy to life. Balmain Eyewear is now available exclusively at Specsavers priced from $459 for 2 pairs: Everything worn today, started by a strong man or woman. Start a revolution, yours. // Hair: Adrian Deng @ ANCO Studios, Make-up: Shane Cyrus, Assistant: Alex Markham, Model: Eleanor @ Clyne Models and Photography/Styling: Your homegirl. Big thank you to Grand Mercure Hotel, Julie and Carla. // Look 1: BALMAIN 1508S, Taylor, Homage. Look 2: BALMAIN 1525S SUN RX, Taylor, Homage. Look 3: BALMAIN 1501S SUN RX, Homage, Maggie Marilyn.


Monday, 18 September 2017 | Comments: 0
As of 2009, your 14 year-old girl accompanied her mother to the Auckland International Airport duty free to purchase the original, lounging around using it as you would; 8 years passed and the 20 year-old girl photographs for the new Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive. Test drove this for the month, through thick and thin alongside the wrath of New Zealand Fashion Week and your girl's skin has never been quenched and soothed so much. Spending a 9 to 10 day at Fashion Week saw the worst, from sun to rain to cold wind to hot sand broke every rule given in the book of skin no-nos and this 'thing' brought it to life during and after. In partnership with Lancôme, I bring to you the results of this month-long test run. Continue reading for its full story. 


Wednesday, 6 September 2017 | Comments: 0
Shirt depicting what's on many trolls' mind nowadays; fragile in the mind and fragile in feelings. Internet trolls seem to take over getting hurt about the littlest thing. It seems these trolls need a disclaimer written on their shirts in this modern time, time for a chill out with this and conspiracy theories. What doesn't need disclaimers are the shoes, the bag, the coat, the pants and the sunglasses - All speaking for itself and saving my feet from themselves. In collaboration with starry eyed Converse blessing in disguise sent to save my feet from standing pain what with waiting hours on end from delays, we bring you street style shots from Day 4 and last day of New Zealand Fashion Week. Note Converse making a comeback; needing some high tops sometime soon. Shot by Andre Kong for Converse and featured on Fashion Quarterly - Again, thank you too the moon. 


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Day 3 of NZFW took on some of the most creative shows, notably Wynn Hamlyn but we'll talk in depth about that another day; posts coming soon. Also notably taking on the act of missing many shows on accident for food [dreaming winter brodo, eggplant parmigiana and valrhona] and  all worth while with Aki and Shivan at Baduzzi till 10PM. Remembering this day fondly where the hair wasn't washed for 3 days, slapped kilos of dry shampoo to the point where it wasn't dry anymore hence why this bun exists - A little secret inside to the glamorous morning as an editor. 'Oil slick' seemed to double up on its term in hair and pants after all. Featured in Fashion Quarterly and shot by Wono Kim above, thank you. Continue for outfit details.