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Thursday 15 November 2018
Do you ever picture yourself in a Summer Christmas; one that's not defined by the media as a 'white Christmas', but the real-real that's Smith & Caughey's. Sun shining brightly with all family outings at the beach is a little more accurate in defining a Christmas Down Under. When will you ever find a gift giving/wish list for a Summer Christmas, minus those fluffy gloves or ear muffs - can't have us be sweating under that. For the Christmas down under, the 'white' Christmas means something a little different with the adjustment to climate. Here I present to you my Gift Guide 2018; A-Z with my friends at Smith & Caughey's. Being truly serious about this next bomb; my life practically lives in that heavenly department store - The one stop North [South] pole you need for all gift ideas to come true. Continue on to find my top picks for Christmas presents this year to gift [or to keep for yourself, because we all deserve a pat on the back for working so hard this year]. 

FOR HER: M.A.C. Cosmetics
This is the peak year for not only the most amazing deals for yourself but for presents too; click here for the Christmas M.A.C. Cosmetics gifts that'll blow your mind.

FOR HIM: Chanel Concealer Stick
The rise of no make-up make-up for men is on the rise thanks to Chanel; Guaranteed your man will thank you for appropriating a life hack.

FOR HER: Jo Malone/Chanel Fragrance
The most heavenly scents you'll ever come across. From L'eau to English Oak & Hazelnut, your signature scent will be one in between.

FOR HIM: Tom Ford
Tom Ford is the epitome of men's fragrances, trust.

FOR HER: La Tribe
La Tribe is one of those footwear brands you can't go wrong with, New Zealand brand with the style that reflects the dream in all. Steal your friend's or family member's shoes for size comparison and own that gift giving. 

FOR HIM: Leather Shoes
Whether he's a casual man or a dressed up man, there's one for any.

FOR HER: Swarovski
Because it's a girl's best friend.

FOR HIM: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Not all men hate jewellery, take him on a journey of sentiment. 


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