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Wednesday 24 July 2019
Winter calls for a dilemma; To sacrifice warmth for style or not? There was never a definitive answer to this never-ending repetition asked year after year. Do you wear the expensive clothing that has style and seemingly looks warm but isn't made out of wool - instead polyester? Taking a walk in the rain never seemed less appealing. Photographed in front of the legendary Smith & Caughey's building, outfits that don't require the scarification of your body heat on show and at the ready in-store. See-Now-Buy-Now culture took its world stage when couture houses decided to back away from its seasonal showings to give consumers a chance to grab and go as they see, here we have caught on. See-Now-Buy-Now culture just got real with Smith & Caughey's end of season sale on right this second. Catch it while you can @ Continue for more. // Photographed by Maegan McDowell and Make-up by Lochie Stonehouse @ YSL Beauty.

Top: Stevie May
Skirt: Stevie May
Coat: Rains
Earrings: Amber Sceats

First look giving the eyes deception, cold to the naked-eye but truly warm in it's tightly knit threads giving the skin no chance of cold air entering - Trust me when I say the Rains jacket traps all warmth inside. 

Blouse: Scotch & Soda
Pants: Sills
Earrings: Amber Sceats

Second look giving the eyes no deception at all - The polar opposite to the first. Clearly warm, thank you Max Mara. 

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