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Monday 25 January 2016
One of the easiest paragraphs I'll ever have to write; First editorial of 2016 - goes without saying, is one I'm pretty proud of. Running much deeper than the ace team put before me, but proud of the makings of each piece in the editorial - the hundreds of hands and ideas each garment had to be passed through before it gets to the studio. When an idea runs its course, the rest follows with the soul of Bentley Mescall and Nick Knight's 'The Sound Of Clothes: Synaesthesia', equalling to Zoe at Unique Model Management. Cause-and-effect, the main enablers; Petra Benton, MOW Studios, Karen Walker, The Box. Label, NOM*d, Le Specs, Salasai and Topshop. Two of which is due to launch this year, Petra Benton with PB.1 and PB.2, redefining the meaning of a woman in power; Joseph Mow with MOW Studios bringing luxury leather goods to a new high. Ones to watch, for sure - Thanks to the ones brave enough to send their life savings in to creating a new idea, a new garment, here we have this. A little candy for your eyes, it's finally here. // Hair & Make-up: Jemima K. using M.A.C Cosmetics, Model: Zoe @ Unique Models/Vivien's Models, Special thanks to: Photogear Studios

Photographer, styling and editor: Nicole Ku
Hair & Make-up: Jemima K. using M.A.C Cosmetics 

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