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Tuesday 2 February 2016

There's a special birthday coming up, and it's not me - Rather, one of my favourite accessory brands; MIMCO. Mid-June of last year came the 20th birthday MIMCO Design Project that your girl posted about and that winner, Nikki Flux designed the 'State of Flux' bag. Luxurious leather, all-black, iconic button detail and the round handle everyone's been talking about. The second bag releasing on their 20th is the 'Birthday Button' bag; A big sister to the State of Flux, you'll see below. There's something about leather goods that have been executed to its finest - from design to craftsmanship - that makes you think working overtime on a 37 degrees Celsius day is okay, that your hard work is kept in the good company of your designer bag. Take it from me; these bags are all you'll need because there's more than one way to wear them. I'll show you them all. An ode to MIMCO's 20 years of success, here we go. 

Bringing back that 70's [show] - Round handles, flares and crop tops are the epitome of '70s fashion. Don't let that fool you,  I like to whip out that Swift formula once in a while. There's a reason why it works. Business casual, street style approved and works well into the night. Grasp it by the handle and shoot for your mission, agent.

Look 1 [Above] - 
Bag: MIMCO 'State of Flux' bag.
Sunglasses: MIMCO 'The Beat' sunglasses.
Top: Zara
Belt: Topshop
Earrings: MIMCO 'Montage Drop' earrings.
Jeans: RES Denim.
Necklace: MIMCO

Look 2 [Left] -
Bag: MIMCO 'State of Flux' bag.
Top: Topshop.
Watch: MIMCO 'Kinetica Timepeace'.
Pants: Karen Walker.
Bracelet: MIMCO 'Tempo Hinged' bangle.
Shoes: MIMCO 'Twilight' heel.
Brooch: MIMCO 'Interlude Brooch' set.

Another one of my favourites on show; The Birthday Button bag. Just a bit of an upsize from State of Flux, a bit of a throw-anything in there bag. With geometric shapes like that, can't go wrong when you match that boldness with some denim. 

Passport in the front, everything else in the back and it's all you need for a trip across the ditch. 

Look 3 -
Jumpsuit: Holy Chic.
Earrings: MIMCO 'Montage Drop' earrings.
Outwear: The BOX. Label
Shoes: MIMCO 'Twilight' heel.

Look 4: 
Top: Boohoo.
Outwear: ASOS.
Watch: MIMCO 'Kinetica Timepeace'
Bracelet: MIMCO  'Tempo Hinged' bangle
Pants: Karen Walker.
Earrings: MIMCO 'Montage Drop' earrings.

Images shot at Gulliver New Zealand

State of Flux bag available for wearing in 3 different ways; Shoulder, backpack and by the handle. I say Nikki Flux, you're one smart squeeze. Featured above: State of Flux bag, Interlude Brooch Set, Kinetica Timepeace, Asteroid Sunglasses and Montage Drop Earrings

Swing the State of Flux bag over your shoulder with the long strap (switching sides if one shoulder hurts) hold it in a hand – by the aforementioned top handles – or style it as a backpack. The last one is for all the adventurers, study bees and hustlers of the world; big enough to fit your iPad in for a quick meeting, exam day or even a [very stylish] hike. 

From work, to travel, to party, what's a bag if you can't take it for a ride in the worst conditions? Party it up, your bag will be fine. 

Look 5 - 
Sunglasses: MIMCO 'The Beat' sunglasses.
Dress: Karen Walker
Bag: MIMCO 'State of Flux' bag.
Pants: Stolen Girlfriends Club.
Shoes: MIMCO 'Twilight' heel.
Earrings: MIMCO 'Montage Drop' earrings.

Beyond over the moon - Happy 20th birthday, Mimco! Thank you for constant inspiration; Cheers to many more, millions more iconic bags and accessories to come.



  1. Excellent styling! Love it (and thank you for the kind words!!) xx Nikki

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