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Sunday 6 December 2015
Didn't want to go through the Summer leaving you Northern readers alone; Not many do this, nor do I never not do this, so here it is again. My ideal Winter look, although if you're living the white Winter as we all dream of, disregard flared jeans at your very best. While you're singing in snow, Southern will try the very best to stay away from tweeds and wool: toughest challenge. For this post, sacrificed the embarrassment free of sale bargaining at the Stolen Girlfriends Club sale by holding full Winter gear but hey, what wouldn't I do for you avid readers. Most from Stolen Girlfriends Club, some from other places. As always, credits down the bottom; wishing you the best holidays, don't go too crazy during Boxing Day.

Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Top: Zara
Coat: Stolen Girlfriends Club (Archives)
Skirt: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Jeans: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Boots: Country Road

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