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Friday 13 February 2015
Put your clothes on airplane mode too, not just your phone; Let me read your mind for a second, when you get on a plane all your thoughts about style goes out the door and comfort never became more important in that duration. Here's some thoughts that lingered on in my head when I was thinking about what to wear on the plane. I want to look at least half decent and pulled together, but I didn't want to go overboard either, so here are my conclusions. Put on a striped top and tuck it into a loose high waisted pant paired with mid high booties. That way you'll look slim, simple but not boring at the same time. As for your outwear, you'll be 4000 ft. off the ground and it'll most likely be around -40 degrees celsius so wrap up baby, it's going to be a cold ride, especially if you're on the plane overnight. Make sure your outwear isn't massive because imagine that little space you have on the plane, you might as well buy a new seat for your jacket so keep it mid; unless you're in first class, then excuse yourself from that statement. 

Sunglasses: ASOS
Jacket: ASOS
Top: Thrifted
Pants: Country Road
Shoes: ASOS

                                   Nicole Ku

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