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Monday 2 February 2015
No matter what the season, coats, hats, and anything that can be layered are always on my mind. This year I have the opportunity to travel to the Northern hemisphere to experience a not very white Winter. The temperature up in Asia isn't that much different to New Zealand during the Summertime and to me, this temperature is hot as hell. Speaking of, if you're in a country where every one has thousands of layers and you have a pair of short and a t-shirt on; you'd be the strangest kid on the block. Let's be honest though, who wouldn't layer themselves up if they have the chance? This shoot was by far, the hardest I have ever done in terms of how unfitting the outfit was to the weather. I wanted to give some ideas to those who live up there. If you're living the dream; aka, the white Winter I've dreamed of day after day, lose the heels and put on some Hunters or something. Read on for outfit details with special thanks to Beat, NOM*d and

Hat: Glassons
Sunglasses: Oakley and ASOS
Top: Boohoo
Waist jacket: Jeanswest
Coat: NOM*d
Leggings: Boohoo
Heels: Boohoo
Boots: Pulp

                                    Nicole Ku

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