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Tuesday 14 October 2014
A few weeks ago, I was approached by (Beat PR), an online boutique that stocks high quality, on trend pieces with free shipping over $50! I was notified about their upcoming '#wherewestand' global activation campaign. It's simple, any blogger or customer can do this. We show where we would wear Boohoo and how we would style it, giving our readers some inspiration. Wear Boohoo with pride, styling it in correspondence where you go and what you would do with it. I put together my own Boohoo outfit a week ago based on the current NZ weather. We are officially in Spring now, but it honestly feels like Winter sometimes so I decided to keep my outfit minimal with a pop of colour. Covered, but not covered. What I have styled, I'd wear it anywhere really, but I have chosen a few of my favourite places; I'm a child at heart so I like to head over to bigger playgrounds. I also like to find show homes during the weekends and lye on the deck (As seen above) with sunglasses and watch birds as they fly by or watch the sun go down, as cliche as that sounds, as well as wearing it to the beach, minus the heels of course. You can find each piece that I am wearing at the bottom of this blog post for easy access/purchase! Put it in your cart and off you go.

Location: The Show home
You can find show homes around your area, If you really look for them. It's a place where I go to during the weekends sometimes. Bring some food and sit on the deck because usually show homes are built in such good locations you can either see into a forest or see the neighbourhood from a high angle. I find that it's really calming and relaxing, especially when you're wearing this outfit, it really feels warm. The semi-long culottes won't give you goosebumps on your legs and you can take off your jacket if you get too hot. Use your sunglasses to block out the sun if it's too bright - just don't get caught making a mess and you're all good! 

Location: The Playground
It may not seem it, but I'm really a child at heart, still growing up but public playgrounds are something that I will cherish about my childhood. Maybe it's a little harder sliding down the slide with this height, but you can still do monkey bars! This outfit is fool proof, you can't embarrass yourself with it, climb all your want, you won't flash anyone.

Location: The Beach
It's kind of the same sitch with the show home, watch the time go past while having a good time, only there's water. I've worn this outfit quite a few times to the beach already and let me tell you, the pants are incredible for not getting your pants wet. Because of its wideness, you can lift it up with ease to stop water from splashing up your pants, something like jeans? Not so much. 

Culottes: Culottes are very on trend right now, when you close your legs, it may look like a skirt then when you walk, it's clearly pants.
Lace Top: The tweed top, I'm all over. The tweed gives some masculinity, but then the lace tones it down and gives it femininity.
Red Trench Coat: Red trench coats are wonderful, especially this one where when it's cold, it keeps your warm - when it's warm it keeps you cool, there's always that lovely balance. Also great for colour blocking!
Sunglasses & Heels: The sunglasses and heels are multi-coloured and will change colours in different lights

                              Nicole Ku

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  1. Love how you've styled it! Hope you can check out my blog x