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Monday 13 October 2014

In a land of RUBY, where it's possible for each release to be beyond incredible, lays here where you are; RUBY itself and their latest RUBY x GATTOBRAVO collaboration. I'm not completely sure who's behind the design team, but there is always something special about each piece of clothing that comes out of this label. I was lucky enough to style the collections and shoot them in which you will see here today. I was also very lucky to receive the 3 brooch set which includes a green eye, pink lips (as shown above) and a blue hat. I've incorporated the main RUBY line and the brooches with the limited edition collection: RUBY x GATTOBRAVO. This is a collaboration with illustrator, Gattobravo that has been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Glamour and Dior. To me, Gattobravo is a quirky artist that makes everything look slightly messy but also has an elegance to it, just the way I like it. RUBY has used the illustration by Gattobravo and has printed them on socks, brooches and clothing pieces using embroidery, enamel, embellishments and print. I'll be showing you how I styled both RUBY main line and RUBY x GATTOBRAVO. Due to transportation issues I was only able to carry 4 pieces but no matter, enjoy. (Outfit details at the end of the blog post)  

The face of this collaboration is Imogen Gentles (Clyne), let's take a moment and admire how perfect she is for the role. That face in itself is a winner. 

Director & Post Production: Anita Ward
Co-director & Creative Producer: Evie Mackay
Director of Photography: Charles Howells
Styling: Amelia Holmes
Starring: Imogen Gentles @ Clyne Models
Music: Maya Solovey
Makeup: Samantha Holley @ M.A.C Cosmetics
Hair: Deborah Brider

You can read up all the RUBY x GATTOBRAVO antics here.
Everything besides the sunglasses and shoes are from the RUBY: x GATTOBRAVO collection. This collection is very flexible. Flexible in a very positive way because every piece can be pieced together and it looks effortless and stylish. Add in some extra accessories and it looks even more put together. I think, even when you get one piece from these collections, I guarantee you that it will be your favourite piece in your wardrobe.

Look 1 (Click for links):
+ Some white framed sunglasses, wide rim fedora hat and black boots

Look 2:
+ Black sunglasses, black leather bag and black boots

                           Nicole Ku

Camera: Nikon Coolpix P80 | Location: Long Bay | Photographer: Neal K
Featuring: RUBY, RUBY x GATTOBRAVO, Glassons, ASOS
Editing: Photoshop CS5 Extended | Nails/Makeup: O.P.I & MAC 

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  1. Love these two looks, especially that skirt!