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Tuesday 21 October 2014
I think it's safe to say that I have never been so excited for jewellery until I saw Flash Jewellery, even more so when I saw it in person at the New Zealand Fashion Week exhibition. If you've never heard of Flash, don't panic, it's never too late to catch up - Flash Jewellery is designed by Nina Gordon, a lovely individual who really has a passion for what she does. Her jewellery was featured on Vogue Australia as one of the 'Best street style looks from New Zealand fashion week'. The word 'Flash', itself describes how you feel when you put it on, you feel flash. Why not add the word 'Beautiful' into the name too, since that's also how I feel when I put it on. Flash Beautiful Jewellery by Nina Gordon? No? Doesn't work? Ok. My favourite things about the jewellery though, is the quality and how much it adds to a simple outfit as you will see below. The perfect mix of texture, shine and colour brings out even the most plain pieces in your wardrobe. Flash has a new Stacker Range coming out in November of this year too, which is a series of stackable gold rings that you can layer to your hearts content. I'll show you how I style them and what my favourite pieces are. Continue.

This range is a damn bargain and steal for what it's worth in my eyes. Affordable, but the quality is up to its highest standards so you can guarantee it lasting for years on years to come. Perfect for a present or even a gift for yourself (Don't worry, I do this all the time, a little too much actually).

In the words of Nina Gordon: 
"Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Jewellery designer Nina Flash Gordon creates vibrant, beautiful pieces with luxury and the wearer in mind, resulting in street wear for the discerning, stand-out pieces for the savvy.
Flash has a strong stance on ethically made jewellery with it’s collections now being produced in India using high quality metals including sterling sliver, semi precious gems and thick gold plate – to ensure your jewels stand the test of time."

(All photography by me, except for the ones of me)

Jumpsuit from
Above shows (In order): // Personal Favourite (*)
I love to go either; delicate and dainty or all out crazy so my favourites will represent both sides of me and my styling.

It's pretty clear that you can layer all you want and have it still look great and not overdone - so If you can see me, I'm clearly doing a standing ovation for Flash. I can't wait to see what comes next, Nina! You and your jewellery are truly something special. 

Before you leave, I'm going to simplify this blog post for you: This range wins my heart.
                                 Nicole Ku


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