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Wednesday 10 September 2014
Chelsea Jade Metcalf (Photo: PIKDAT)
Okay, so my posts lately have been about NZFW, and even I'm pretty bored myself from seeing all of that on my blog feed and thought I should change it up a bit; here's what I've been listening to lately. Watercolours. I discovered her from that group of friends again, the same one I discovered MØ, Diplo and Lorde. Man, that group of friends have some talented connections going on, you know who I'm talking about. (I know I'm a little late to the party) I first saw a photo of Chelsea Jade Metcalf, that's her name, on Instagram that I thought was so beautiful, shot by James K Lowe. It was photograph that was so simplistic but very smart and quirky at the same time (Just like her music). That was a photo that caught my eye instantly and I obviously wondered who it was because there was no face. Anyway, I did the typical, creepy thing of Googling her and found the wonderful world of Watercolours. Chelsea Jade Metcalf has had 4 releases so far, since August of 2011 and I love it all. Check it below.

Again, like MØ and Diplo, I'm actually quite ashamed that I didn't find her sooner. Her music has been what gets me going in the past week through tough, stressful times and you'll see why when you listen to her music. It's eery, quirky, simple but still has a beautiful vibe to it, just like what Lorde has in elements but they're such individuals in terms of style. When you usually put those combination together, it'll sound quite unpleasant, but not in this case. 

Use this Spotify, thing, I don't know what to call it. A widget? to listen to her music in one little click, or head over to her social media if you feel like getting to know her better.

My favourite tracks; Danger Ocean, Kyoto Train, Under and Pazzida


                              Nicole Ku

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  1. Love James' blog though he didn't post anything over there in what feels like forever but whatever he wrote in the past. Everything is so beautiful, just like his photography..