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Friday 18 July 2014
Asena (62models)
It gives me great pleasure to present to you some of the pieces from the new COOP by Trelise Cooper  Sping 2015 collection. When I found out that the collection was dropping soon, I wanted to get in as soon as possible to see what was going to hit the stores as I've always loved this range by looking through it online - so I had emailed and requested to take a look at some samples at the Trelise Cooper headquarters. I was surprised to have been accepted to take a look since I'm such a new blogger, so that is something I appreciate very much about Trelise Cooper as a whole - they are always so open and happy to give up-and-coming media a chance. I've come by several occasions where I've heard people say "Trelise Cooper... this", "Trelise Cooper... that", how great both the service and how kind the staff is and I can see why. So, I went over to the headquarters and couldn't believe what I saw. COOP by Trelise Cooper is aimed towards a younger demographic, but it's mature enough to be elegant and fun at the same time. I picked out a few of my favourite pieces from the line so that I could take photographs for you on what is coming up next in the line. The first capsule of the Spring 2015 line dropped today - these pieces that you are able to see aren't in that capsule. It's so new that I don't even know what they're called yet, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled on their website/social media for the next capsules!

First thing's first (I'm a realist), the new season's clothing are inspired by a few things: Oriental, En route to Europe and Art (Pollock & Warhol). You'll see what I mean when you look at the photographs now that I've mentioned it.

I can tell where in inspiration comes from with the yellow dress above: When you look at the big sleeves (That's what amuses me the most),  you can clearly tell the resemblance between the Japanese/Chinese warrior clothing in the olden days. Don't be fooled by this simple dress - it will catch anyone's eyes on the street.

(Photographer, MUA, Stylist, Hair: Nicole Ku)

The coat above isn't actually from COOP by Trelise  Cooper, it's actually from the main Trelise Cooper line but I couldn't ignore it when I was flicking through the pieces. I love anything structured and textured so this is perfect. I love that it gives you a beautiful neck line unlike many other coats where it makes your neck look even shorter - don't underestimate the neck, guys - necks are wonderful things (How weird does that sound??)

Now back onto COOP - Can you see the resemblance between Pollock's piece and the outfit below? Yeah, I can too. Not only is this a unique gradient but the fabric is stunning too, beautiful for both sleepwear and outwear - who can tell the difference. If you're late to work, just get up, brush your hair and out the door you go. 

Thank you Fecility to give me an advanced and detailed look at the new Spring 2015 collection - I can't wait for it to come out fully so I can purchase these myself!

You can purchase what IS out here.

If that's not enough social media sites to keep you updated on the capsule releases, I don't know what is.

Nicole x

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