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Friday 11 July 2014

I'm quite ashamed that I didn't find this artist earlier - I must admit that I, like many other people discovered Diplo through Lorde, then after looking through some of Diplo's material, I came by MØ - Thank you Diplo for collaborating with her, or else I would of never discovered this set of wonderful music. Karen Marie Ørsted is a singer-songwriter from Denmark and goes by her stage name, 'MØ' (Pronounced as 'Moo', but not as long of an 'oo' as you would like it to be). I've always been fond of the song she had collaborated with Diplo and had it on replay for a while but i've never looked into who this artist actually is - I thought she was just a DJ of some sort that just remixes, i'm also ashamed of this. This album, No Mythologies to Follow (2014), is sort of electronic which may not fit some of your music standards but if you get the time, flick through some songs and cross your fingers that you'll like it - I'll be crossing mine for you.

MØ has got this grungy (I think that's how you describe it - I don't know how else to) vibe to her whole image, from her look to her music, it's all here. I'm not the type to go for grungy material but this stood out to me because the music is so well put together, so well thought out on where each instrumental and melody should be.

I discovered that you can copy and paste the artists album HTML through Spotify, so here's me playing around with that. You've got no excuse to have a listen now. My favourite songs from this album are Maiden, Never Wanna Know, Pilgrim, XXX 88, Walk This Way,  The Se- Oh, just listen to it all.

Nicole x

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