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FFS #3

Thursday 3 July 2014
Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2014
Opening: Manon Leloup
Closing: Bianca Li

This show is unlike anything i've seen before, not your typical fashion show with just a catwalk and robotic models. Don't get me wrong, I love the classic shows, but this one stood out to me like no other. What makes this show so unique to me is that Mr. Gaultier made sure the models have fun - and it shows that they did have fun - Strike a pose, then work. The walks aren't perfect and that's what makes it so beautiful. You are able to see the clothes flow beautifully and naturally, without having it forced. The past 2 'FFS Series' have funnily had Karlie Kloss in it, and I can't deny that she is one of my favourite models out there, but it's also funny that she's picked the most amazing shows to walk it when she could easily have denied the appearance. Jean Paul Gaultier's clothing is also fun, powerful and bold, I know this for a fact because my Mum owns a few pieces of his in which they're all strong in colour and design. These designs from this show are both structured and delicate which is one of the reasons why I love this show. Take a look at a few of my favourites from the collection.

I think my favourites out of these four are the two middle ones - of course I love them all - but what stands out to me are the sheek but casual styles of the middle ones. I love how the colour and patterns co-ordinate with the pieces and compliment each other amazingly well. Oh, what I would give to wear these outfits. Codie Young really stands out, out of the bunch. When you watch the video, you are able to see her "Strike a pose, then work" moment - It's so cute isn't it? 

The next following photographs really speaks for themselves so I won't talk too much. Karlie Kloss' Vogue-ing at 5:00 really stood out and made the whole show in my opinion, you'll see what I mean. The next photos don't really need many words for you to understand and to love the whole show. The dynamics of which these pieces flow together are genius and beautiful to watch and see. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

It makes me so happy to see that these models are having fun despite their busy schedule during NYFW. It makes my heart flutter. 

Nicole x

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  1. That show was awesome! It looks like so much fun! <3