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Saturday 21 June 2014
Sophie McLean (Red11) 
It may seem strange to you that I have shot Sophie for two blog posts in a row, but when I styled the clothes while planning this shoot, I immediately thought of her. I thought that her features and style will suit the clothing perfectly, I was right - she pulled everything off. I wanted someone who could not only pull the outfit off, but also look like an angel in every outfit I throw at her - as pretty as the angels you see in cartoons where they carry little crossbows and wears flower crowns. Now, in New Zealand at least, it's so, so cold. I don't even remember Auckland being this cold during Winter throughout my life in this country. We shot these photographs on Sunday and it was surprising to both of us that we even had one day with the sun out - It was raining and cloudy throughout the whole week, so that was lucky. Although I did kind of feel bad because even though there was sun, it still felt under zero degrees to me. What made it even worse was that we were at the beach which naturally (That pun, get it?), it will be one hundred times colder with the wind.  Sophie was wearing shorts, a thin trench coat and a turtle neck (Sorry, Soph!), If I were in her position, I probably would have went into fetal position and cried. If you don't wear this to the beach, you'll be warm. Read on to find out what other outfits Sophie is sporting and where they're from!

This has got to be my favourite looks out of all of them, to be quite honest with you. I'm really into nudes (Get your mind out of the gutter) and whites at the moment, especially now that it's Winter as it just adds a little bit of warmth and colour into the complexion. I also feel like texture and patterns really brings the outfit to a whole new level, there's just a comforting feeling to it - I don't know what it is. With this, you can stay in fashion throughout this whole 3 months of Winter and nobody will complain. Add a turtle neck, a trench coat and some pants/shorts and you have a winner - demonstrated here by Sophie - fierce. 

Look 1 -
Sophie wears (Above):
Trench coat: Ramowear (Brought over from Japan a while ago - I don't think it's available anymore. I love this from ASOS though, this will make a great alternative.)
Turtle neck: GAP (Unable to find the exact, but this is pretty much the same - from GAP.)
Shorts: Little One 

If it's just a little bit chilly (which I highly doubt it will be this Winter - in New Zealand at least) then you may consider getting out of your comfort zone and start pairing sheer with bulky. I feel like this sheer loose top gives the look a very feminine look to the whole outfit.

Look 2 -
Sophie wears (Above):
Turtle neck: GAP
Sheer top: Next

Yes, yes, yes, yes, do I need to say it one more time? Yes. As I said before, patterns and textures really boost up the outfit and especially with bright colours, you're able to look more radiant and your complexion will glow. Why look like a freezing zombie when you can look like you just popped out of a tropical island paradise? I love layering patterns with the same patterns, it's minimal but so effective.

Look 3
Sophie wears (Above):
Scarf: Burberry (Oh, I wish... I got you didn't I?) - No, it's just a beautiful scarf purchased from a small boutique store overseas.
Top: Kookai
Skirt: Country Road

Who says you can't look business-y in your spare time? This look is simple, chic, warm yet has a beautiful flare to it because of the sleeves. I know that black is so 'out' right now and people are going for brighter colours but it's good to take it back to basics (Christina Aguilera reference right there.) once in a while and go for something classy. It may surprise you on how fresh it looks and makes you feel. Give it a try.

Sophie wears (Above):
Blazer: Cotton On
Leggings: Unknown
Shoes: Country Road

These are the three looks that I'm currently obsessing over - from nude shades to bright to dark, it's all here. Fix and match if you will, but I firmly believe in the overly-used-quote; "Less is more".  I apologise if this blog post looked a little small, but all I could think about was how amazing Sophie and the clothes looked, ah.

I'll let you in on something before this blog post comes to a close: I'll be doing a 'Favourites: June' very soon! Keep on swinging by so you don't miss it.

Nicole x

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