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Tuesday 17 June 2014
Sophie McLean (Red 11) in Miusigny by ME
The one time I decide to explore deeper into the fashion world through Instagram, I came across this brand. It intrigued me. I don't remember exactly what I searched up or hashtagged, but I found what you're about to see in approximately one minute, or two if you're a slower reader. Miusigny. I took a deeper look onto their website and found a whole range of previous collection editorials that I absolutely fell in love with (One of the photographs is my laptop wallpaper now, too). I subconsciously liked a whole load of photographs, followed them and commented on whatever they had on their Instagram then closed the app to get some lunch - a girl's got to eat. 
A few hours later, I received an email from the lovely Moeko - Miusigny's PR girl. In that email, she explained to me that Miusigny is coming out with a new second line called 'Miusigny by ME'. The basics: Miusigny is a Japanese American clothing brand that is inspired by you beautiful ladies (yes, you. - If you're a male reading this, you're pretty awesome too.) and another thing you need to know about this brand is that the designer of these clothes, Miho, is from Japan however, is residing in New York City. She has worked for big names such as Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta (fangirling) - You may have heard of them, I don't know. 

Sophie wears Ralph Lauren // Miusigny by ME // Lulu Frost by ICB // Marella

It doesn't surprise me that these pieces are so simple, yet gives such a beautiful texture to the whole look - most of the 'Miusigny by ME' pieces have a denim-like look to it so it seems effortless yet pulled together with whatever you pair with it. Who says you can't pair denim on denim? I've never heard of that rule (sarcasm) - There are no limits to fashion. 

Sophie wears:
Miusigny by ME // Angel in Heaven Tank
Ralph Lauren jacket
Marella trousers
Miusigny by ME // The One Feather Cap
Antique sunglasses
Lulu FROST for ICB // Crystal Triangle Necklace

Two words: Beach goddess
In the photograph above, Sophie wears:
Miusigny by ME // Darling Hoodie

'Miusigny by ME' launched an online store a few weeks ago and it has been kept quiet about, but I'm here to tell you all about it! When Miho and I had arranged everything, it was intended for this blog post to be up before the release of the online store however, we all know that everything that's sent to New Zealand takes a billion years (big exaggeration - as you can see... I hope) so our initial arrangement didn't go as planned. Who really gives a damn though, right? It's here now, that's all that matters!

If these pieces appeals to you, do take a look - it's free, so do it (My mum always tells me when we go into clothing stores "Oh, just try it on... It doesn't cost anything"). I guess she has a point.

Nicole x

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