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Sunday 1 June 2014

I think it's safe to say that Trelise Cooper is one of my favourite clothing brands out there. It's simple, fun and comfortable bu- Alright - wait, can we just pause for a minute here... so, before I continue, I'm just going to apologise in advance that the quality of the photographs you're about to see aren't up to standard as my other ones but that's just because one, I'm not the one taking the photos. Second, the lighting was (let's use a word without throwing the 'S' bomb) crap because it was cloudy that day. Third, my camera is honestly the worst thing ever. 

(continuing) -but sophisticated at the same time - I mean, that's hard skill to master. I go to The CO-OP in Takapuna on a weekly basis because I love the store and clothing so much (and Zoe, the store manager that works there everyday except for Friday and Saturday, is hilarious and great to talk to), although I don't buy anything because the clothes aren't at my budget - It's still ok to admire it, right? The coat that I'm wearing above is by far my favourite thing in the store and is by far my most wanted. It's heavy but don't let that deceive you, it's so damn soft! If you wear it, you'll probably forget that it's a coat and not a blanket you bought from heaven. 

I know what you're thinking - Yes, I'm wearing a skirt during Winter because... why not? It's a beautiful touch to the whole outfit as there's orange/red colour blocking on the coat itself (You may think colour matching is 'so yesterday' but you have never been so wrong in your life) and there's nothing more satisfying than making a cocoon out of your big blanket when somewhere is cold. 

Here's a little lesson for you, it's perfectly okay to wear shorts/skirts during Winter - just don't send yourself to hypothermia village, okay?... Health first. If you're still interested in wearing shorts/skirts then wear some leggings or thick tights.

I'm wearing (above): 
Patch 22 Jacket
Just Cruising Top
The Skirt Locket Skirt

Are you seeing the detail I'm seeing? Look carefully... that lining of that coat is stunning. 
I have a thing for not showing my face in photographs, partly because I admit, I'm not too comfortable in photographing my face...yet (selfies are A-okay though) and I also feel like it gives you a sense of mysterious-ness and that way you're more focussed on the clothes more than the face - unless your hair is extremely beautiful, then you can forget that last statement. 

I'm wearing (above): 
Lime Light Jacket
Just Cruising Top 
Shorts Injury Shorts (Trousers version - I couldn't find it on the website, sorry!)

The store gets more stunning each time I look at it, it never gets old. By the way, thanks Maddy (The wonderful lady working at TC yesterday) for taking photos of me!

8 Northcroft Street
New Zealand

Nicole x

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