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Tuesday 22 April 2014
Featuring Tailor Masque (Mask) and Tailor Moisture (Moisturiser)
A little while ago, Tailor Skincare sent me a few products to try out as I've expressed that I'm intruiged by their products. Why was I intrigued? Well, to be honest, you can't really trust that products these days are indeed natural and organic but there was a gut feeling that told me that this was the real deal. Ever since I realised how ingredients of a product are so vital and that it can determine how the skin looks and feels in a year or two's time, I've been very cautious on what I put on my skin. That goes for both what you consume and what you put onto your skin. The quote, "You get out what you put in." is the most honest thing.
Let me just put it out there before you jump to conclusions. I am not disappointed at all by all aspects of these products. The smell, the feeling, the packaging and the outcome on what you get out of these product is truly something! I rarely post up skincare posts but as you can see, I'm quite satisfied. I came into this with the mindset of only posting about this skincare line if it went beyond my expectations - because that's how I roll - and as you can see, this is the outcome.

Tailor Skincare is a skincare brand that values natural and organic ingredients, just like me. There are no harsh chemicals, fillers or parabens in any of the products and is made in New Zealand using natural, local ingredients. Tailor Skincare also believes that animals testing will never be used (All products are tested on humans, HOORAY!). 
All bottles and jars are made from royal blue glass, what this means is that it can be recycled or reused. The bottles look beautiful, may I add. If you are someone who values this or have sensitive skin, Tailor Skincare is the perfect skincare line to add to your skincare routine. 

I can't say that I wasn't embarrassed, standing outside on the beach while people stared as they walk past.

The smell is a little harsh but it's harsh in a good way (what?). What I mean by that is that even though the scent is quite strong, it's a pleasant and natural scent, that goes for both products featured above.  What matters most though to me, is the outcome and I can safely say that the outcome was wonderful. 

Although it may feel the masque is very drying, don't be fooled. You'd be surprised on what that masque is doing for your skin. I could feel a big difference in my skin after about 5 minutes of removing it. Tailor Masque uses Bentonite clay in which [In the words of the Tailor Skincare websiteBentonite expands when wet. When it dries it contracts, tightening the skin. Bentonite also has an electrical charge which helps to draw toxins from the skin leaving skin feeling smooth and soft.

The moisturiser delivered to my skin in a great way, the smell made my mind and body relax as there was a hint of lavender (I think?) in which is proceeded to soak into my skin. After all this time, I can still feel the moisture in my skin and it's not even greasy! It's quite a big deal for me to say this because my skin type is very oily (What a pain to deal with everyday...).

Update: I walked into the dining room for dinner and my parents said "Wow, Nicole, your skin looks glowing!" - It's works!!

Your hands get stained but it's easy to wash off! Have a sink by you. 

Below, you'll see the beautiful owner of Tailor Skincare (Sara Quilter) demonstrating on how to use Tailor Masque. I can see the amount of effort and study she's done, it's reflected in her wonderful products! 

Head over to to see how you're able to purchase these products. These products are beautifully made and crafted with love.

Nicole x

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