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Thursday 24 April 2014
This pretty bike just made the whole store even greater (I don't know why there's a random bike sitting there but it somehow works in a magical way)
Yesterday, I headed into the COOP by Trelise Cooper store in Takapuna on a whim. I've always walked past it after I stopped at The Department Store, either with the reason of not having time or... to be honest, I don't really know. I've seen Trelise Cooper clothing on red carpets, fashion shows (Britomart Fashion Sessions 2014) and just ordinary people wearing it on the streets of New Zealand. I have always loved the style as it's a combination of sheek, classic and timeless so I decided 'why not?'. Stepping into the room was like a breath of fresh air, the lighting was perfect and had a very airy feel meaning, it's not cluttered like many other stores I've been to. Simple, roomy and easy to see the clothes - everything a store should be. The lighting in the store was very much dependable on natural lighting which I love.

The store manager at the time (Zoe) was very friendly and kindly said "Yeah sure! Go for it!" when I asked if I could take a few photos of the store for my Instagram/blog. Some staff in other fashion stores are rude and strict on their no camera policy which I respect but if it means getting the clothes out there into the public/media, then why not? We started chatting about a few things after I'd taken the photos: Instagram, Bunnies, 2-3 year old kids pronouncing hilarious things wrong, FOUREYES, Trelise Cooper Boardroom and many more. This is how to make a good impression on a customer - A+ customer service right there. Anyway, I need to stop rambling and let you get on with this small tour around the room.

Follow me through the different aspects of the store and see my favourite outfits/pieces I saw. 

This bike makes me want to ride it in the streets of Greece or France while carrying a bouquet of roses with a white floral dress and big flowery hat.
Trelise Cooper is both a New Zealand fashion designer and business woman that creates five different clothing ranges (incredible woman); Trelise Cooper, COOP, Cooper, Boardroom and Black Label. Her clothing have been featured on Vogue, Marie Claire, Women's Wear Daily, InStyle and has been on the movie 'Sex and the City'. What makes Trelise Cooper a more incredible human being is that she is a supporter of Breast Cancer Research Trust (You can find her small clothing that supports BCRT) and Habitat for Humanity. This year, she advanced from a member in New Zealand Order of Merit to Dame Companion in the same Order.  

I am highly impressed by Trelise Cooper's efforts and not to mention, her staff are all incredibly wonderful and hard-working people. Whenever I message Trelise Cooper on Facebook, I get a reply no later than 12 hours. That is commendable.

Top: Black To Basics (Black Label)
Sorry I was unable to find the bag on the website, but that isn't important right now. Look at the detail on that skirt! This skirt is by far my favourite thing in the store. The fabric is soft and isn't like what you would imagine when you look at it. It's not stiff. There are 2 colours available in this type of skirt, orange and navy blue. I guess it's time to start saving up now!

Take a look at these photographs and tell me it doesn't want to make you visit. It will make you want to visit. All photographs are taken and edited by myself.

Green coat: LIME LIGHT
Pink dress: SWEET FOXES
Pink/Orange jacket: NECTAR BEEN KISSED

The very lovely staff member (Zoe P) wearing: NET ONE. PEARL ONE
I had a feel at each and every one of these pieces and each are incredible. The fabrics used are up to high quality and I can tell that all this effort and material is worth the price put on it. Head into the store and see for yourself how beautiful these are! It doesn't cost to try it on! Wink.

8 Northcroft Street
New Zealand

Nicole x

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