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FFS #1

Sunday 13 April 2014
I always enjoy watching fashion shows, whether it's from New York Fashion Week or New Zealand Fashion Week. There are always beautiful collections with beautiful music - all in all perfect shows to me at least and maybe someone, somewhere share the same passion and drive I have for these shows. I can sit there for hours and hours (My longest fashion show streaming was 7 hours - because I had nothing to do) These shows always leave me craving for more and craving for the pieces of clothing that the models have on them. 

Maybe someone, somewhere share the same taste and styles that I have or if someone, somewhere don't share the same tastes, maybe they're still interested nonetheless. I want to share my fashion style with you and show you how I would dress if I had unlimited access to the dollar bills. 

So... this is a new series of blog posts that will be permanent here on! I'm so excited to share my love of these shows with you all. One thing i'll be doing is naming a few pieces that I think are perfect in my eyes and will/are [be] iconic. These fashion shows that I will be posting may or may not be current. Some maybe from years ago, some may be the latest but don't let that get you down! Some fashion trends resurrect in a few years time and you'll be glad you knew about it. I will stop rambling in 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1.

Christian Dior F/W Ready-to-Wear 2010

Opening: Karlie Kloss

Let me just say something before I say anything else - This is probably one of my most favourite collection from Christian Dior ever. ONE of my favourites, not my all time favourite. Anyway, I love it when John walked out at the end, strutting his stuff and acting fitting in with the mood and vibe of the collection. I also want to add that Christian Dior's themes are always amazing like the Film Noir concept in Christian Dior S/S 2010 - John Galliano is a genius. Here are some of my favourite outfits from this show. 

I obviously have a lack of talent on finding photographer's names - Sorry! 

LOOK AT THAT DETAIL! Karlie Kloss's (Right) outfit - which she opened for, is an absolute treasure. I love everything about it, the hat, the leather coat, the boots and the dress. I'm drooling just thinking about it. And that middle outfit?! I mean, yes it's kind of different from Karlie's but its the classic girl-next-door beautiful elegant look. On the left, I love and adore the classic image. It's very French and I love it. Everything in in this show was perfection - except for some of the music but who really gives a damn. You have a different taste in music but don't know what the songs are called? Visit Shazam.

I know it's a vital rule to credit but this mission it just too hard for me; forgive me?
Oh my god... the makeup and hair though (Swooning so much right now)

This collection just blew my mind when I watched it a few years ago. I can't believe it's been 4 years since this collection already! How time flies. 

Hope you enjoyed this collection like I did, stick around for more!

Nicole x

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