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Tuesday 29 November 2016
The stresses of life, the abandoning of everything regarded in the area of pampering; When priority takes over, skin is the last thing on the mind. It's taken all of my will to take this seriously; putting the overstatement of prioritising make-up in this industry before the care of what matters prior. The skin. The fashion industry highly regards rigorous amounts of beauty and skill, the beauty in sense of eyeliners, brow pomades, lipsticks, highlighters and the pat-down skills with fingers. What they don't tell you on behind-the-scenes videos and takeaway messages are the preparations the girls take to achieve such a mused perfection. Never in my life based on make-up alone can I attempt to achieve, never in my life based on luck and gels can I begin to start the desired skin; Apothecary Preparations from Kiehl's, launched this year on nothing short of a miracle, saved the souls in 5 minutes of opening the books.

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