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Sunday 2 October 2016
She is earth, she is fire, she is air, she is water. Spending my 20th birthday in a few weeks from now in one of my favourite accessory brands MIMCO, while they celebrated their 20th this year too, in every right made this coming birthday even more special beyond words; There's a certain ease of effortless opulent beauty about MIMCO's pieces. Do not take age into factor because the limit does not exist - That's what drew me to this golden jewel in the first place, the idea that every piece stands its own ground, every piece is for everyone and every piece is a classic that won't be thrown away in a week. Taking my favourite pieces from MIMCO's Summer 2016 for a spin and planning the birthday uniform, here I present you my favourite pieces while walking you through the day to celebrate. All pieces available now just in time for Summer, continue for more.

Chosen the day to wear heels and hoops on end for the simple reason of versatility; MIMCO heels never disappoint with the most comfortable cushion seemingly floating you into the clouds. Worn for hours, felt like I was wearing flats the entire time. Dressed up or down can never go wrong with it being monochromatic while on its feminine edge of glory. Hoops on the other hand, making its rounds into the favourites of hearts around the globe, only if looks could kill. // Pictured: Cloud Nine Heel, Zephyr Hoop Earrings.

Changing everything but accessories is always the dream, what with losing earrings and rings as soon as you take it off. They say accessories should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you put on, let's just say that's not needed anymore from how wide possibilities are. Sticking on that quietly expressive; all black for days paired with pops of colour in the day and play bag, inspiring slippers and hoops for days. // Pictured: Whirlwind Slide, Petite Supernatural, Mim-ento Ring Stack

Night, possibly my favourite parts of the day taking food and shiny things into consideration, The night, where the shiny shines brighter in neon lights and the ability to be feminine and tough at the same time. The true definition of being able to adapt to any situation, bringing heels and slippers from day to night - Paired below with textural doom of denim, suede, wool, silk, and embracing the favourite of the season; smart play with fabric movements. // Pictured: Studio Pouch, Mesh Purse, Breeze Chain Choker,   

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