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Wednesday, 3 August 2016
Weather seemed to take opposite sides of the undesired spectrum this Winter and last Summer; Georgia on my Mind all the time. My neck, not so much. Scarves are a funny thing - The mediocre mindset of anything less than fifteen years of age had enclosed ideas that scarves could only be worn as poncho's, or even occasionally a headband. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the lack of knowledge within the worldwide web in addition of having not-so-stylised high school teachers didn't sit well with putting 2 and 2 together into 'Scarf = Style'. Bird & Knoll killing the game, and all credit given for getting me out of the naive scarf mindset. Shot a while ago, it's finally here. David Bowie in this house thanks to Macayla, full details below.  

Earrings: Flash Jewellery
Blazer: Stylstalker
Top: Zambesi
Pants: Neuw Denim

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