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Thursday 7 May 2015
There are many aspects in life are like a child. You train it to become a more-than good person when future comes. You and the child together or individually go through the roughs and lows, from nothing in order to reach that something. Much like upgrading from a semi-automatic DSLR to a new and proper Canon 5D DSLR - Overstatement? Maybe. Hardly. Much like everything else in life, you confess your lack of knowledge and give in to training yourself to be a better person, photographer, pianist or what ever it is you want to be, but often like a parent caring for a child, sometimes you as the parent of your knowledge just doesn’t get your knowledge no matter how hard you try. Does your baby need food? Milk? Sleep?. Does your DSLR need more Aperture? ISO? Shutter speed? Everything in life takes months or years to master, do take your time to understand your area of expertise in training – or you’re one of those people that understands it with a snap of a finger, I know a few people like that – definitely not me, that’s for sure. Tangling attitude and romance in Deadly Ponies, Taylor Boutique, Harman Grubisa and Kathryn Wilson, Bernadette. 4 years younger than me and no sign of baby or the need for modelling training in her. In total 4 beautiful homely labels, exquisite model 4 years younger than me and a team made up of 4 girls – we were up to (no) good.

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