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Monday 4 May 2015
Before you jump in click the 'Continue Reading' button, make sure you've seen the full editorial here. This isn't really my first editorial, but my past ones haven't been the best either. There was just one thing holding me back from doing better shoots, my small ass Nikon camera that's probably old enough to be my grandfather. Can you imagine how much a new camera can bring a new sense of creative freedom for me? For this shoot, I really wanted to embrace the stunning pieces New Zealand designers have to offer. Of course, I love international and other New Zealand labels just as much, but there's only so many garments a person can carry especially without a car. I also wanted to embrace fabric movement. Nowadays all you see in publications are just a model standing, staring into the camera like it's an ASOS thumbnail picture. I'm not saying that's wrong, many look absolutely stunning, but when ever I see an editorial or photograph with movement, I'm drawn in immediately. These are the basis of my inspirations, take a look at the behind-the-scenes process. Thank you to one of the best teams I've worked with - Model: Bernie @ Unique, H&M: Eve Sorenson, Assistant: Caitlin O'Toole, Special thanks: The Nathan Club (Britomart Group) and Showroom22. Wardrobe: Harman Grusiba, Taylor, Deadly Ponies and Kathryn Wilson.

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