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Monday 5 January 2015
2014 is no doubt, one of the best years of my life so far; It was the first year that I was able to show who I am, take a peek into the real world and discover who I really am. I started my blog in January last year, not fully committed to the blog until early March because I was still getting the hang of Year 13, the last year of High School. It was then that I saved up my money to buy my first Hourglass powder and I remember clearly that I was over the moon about that powder that I decided to make this blog a beauty blog. It was then after my first few posts that I couldn't make the commitment of having millions of similar products laying in my drawer never to be used again because let's face it, do I look like the type of girl who would wear make up every day? I'm sure if I got the same amount of products as other beauty bloggers out there, I wouldn't know what to do with them. I've always cared about fashion more than anyone else from a young age. I cared more about how I dressed than my grades at school which wasn't very wise, but I eventually balanced the both well. Here begins the journey of Take a look into the highlights of 2014 through my eyes; this is more of a self reflection than anything. Go get some water, this may be a long one. 

I started this blog with the intention of wanting to share how I'm feeling, and like any other blogger out there, to have somewhere where I can be as creative as possible and have a creative outlet for myself. I've been blessed with experiences in 2014 that I could've never dreamed of doing whether it be meeting up with fellow bloggers that are as passionate as me and people within the fashion industry or supporting my favourite emerging New Zealand & International labels. Let me share with you my favourite moments of 2014, not ranked in any specific order.

1. My first ever peek into the real world and the fashion industry was when I volunteered at Britomart Fashion Sessions in March. One of the best things I could have ever done for myself. I learnt how a fashion show worked, how to communicate with people and I made a few great friends that I talk to occasionally today.  

2. A blog post I did with Miusigny - a label over in the United States run my beautiful and passionate Japanese designers. I did this editorial, my first editorial with a talented model Sophie McLean (Red11) whom I met on Instagram, later realising she went to the same school as I did. This was the first time that I was approached by a label and had been sent samples for me to keep and photograph. I did this for myself, to experience doing an editorial for the first time and for the label, I was in love with the simplicity or the designs and I'd do it even if I had to send the samples back.

3. My first year at NZFW - You can read my favourite moments here.

4. Lonely Lingerie reposting my photo on Instagram - I had always loved creating imagery, but never loved taking risk-ay photos of myself. I even nearly clicked the delete button on Instagram after I posted it, but after getting such great feedback, I decided to leave it on out of curiosity. The day I decided to turn off my 3G at school was the day this got reposted and as I was sitting in class, a girl in my class looked over and showed it to me. The rest was history.

5. The second editorial I did with the fantastic Asena (62) for COOP by Trelise Cooper S/S15. This was such a learning experience for me since this was the first time working with a model from 62, and also the first time I met a model that I didn't know all too well. It gave pressure, but the good kind of pressure that it was time to become more professional that I ever had to be. The photographs turned out well, I think, which was good. Read it here.

6. Followed by the second editorial, I was invited to the Trelise Cooper S/S15 launch at Coutts Mercedez-Benz over in Newmarket. This was the first time I was invited to well, anything so I felt and still feel blessed.

7. I had been blessed to worked with amazing labels and PR companies such as Boohoo, Michael Hill Jewellery, Flash Jewellery, Joshua Hall Jewellery, Rad Jewellery, Miusigny, Ruby, Trelise Cooper, Amber White cliffe, Edt. by Glassons, Publicity PR, Beat PR, Showroom 22, Trish Peng and NZFW.

8. Changing my blog layout about 3 times to get to where I am now. I started off with a free template just like anyone would. Then moving over to a paid layout that only costed about $15 which as you can imagine, won't look amazing, but it was still better than the free layout and lastly, the layout you are on now. I changed my previous layout after I learnt more about HTML and how Blogger worked, I still don't understand a lot of things today, but it'll only improve through time.

2014 has truly been amazing and I look forward to many great moments that'll happen this year. I'll begin this year with a bang by announcing I'll be on a 1 month holiday in Asia. I won't tell you where yet, but I'll definitely be doing many blog posts about my travels. I wish you all an amazing year full of determination, drive and success.

                                  Nicole Ku

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