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Wednesday 17 December 2014
Sometimes when life throws you pressure, it's nice to gift someone something - to see someone's face light up when you're feeling down, or to be more realistic, it's nice to buy something for yourself. I've always done this, I find every excuse to buy jewellery whether that's for an 'graduation present to myself', 'birthday present to myself' or 'new years present to myself'. I guess it's not the best way to go for my bank account, but it makes my heart sing. Another excuse, but I'm not complaining. Something I've also noticed lately is my friends or followers asking how to style their jewellery with their outfits, so let me show you what you can do with silver, gold and black jewellery and what type of outfits you can wear with it. There are some pieces I have to have on my hand/wrist when I go out; 3 essential pieces. The bracelet, the ring and the watch. When Michael Hill reached out to me, I couldn't help but jump on the opportunity to do this blog post for them. 2 years in a row, I've bought my friend her presents from Michael Hill. Let me tell you something, she cried for every one, that made her heart sing. Michael Hill Jewellery can be found, practically anywhere. Albany Westfield here in Auckland, Takapuna has just opened one up and you can even find it online - get it delivered right to your door.

Michael Hill has been around ever since I came over to New Zealand 14 years ago, and what makes me love this label year after year is the quality that lays within every piece of jewellery. Simple, but timeless. Scroll down to see how I would style these pieces with different outfits - links below.

This post was sponsored, but I can promise you that all opinions are my own without any altercations. 

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