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Sunday 5 October 2014
I have wanted a jumpsuit for god knows how long, years? I've never had the courage to wear one for the reason that I have short legs and- I'm just short in general so obviously bringing the inner-insecurity out of me, I kept putting it off. I had the opportunity to try this on the other day, love at first sight happened. You have no idea how much shock I was in, years of putting it off and it turns out that I love the way it looked (Trying as hard as I can to not sound vain). Lesson learned; try before you judge, although I'm always guilty of that. Almost like, "Don't judge the book by its cover", but let's face it, everyone does it. Today's weather was way confusing, rainy, sunny, humid then cold? What's going on New Zealand, you need to be more stable. The balance between going sleeveless and long pants made the outfit perfect for such questionable weather, adding some colour with gold and blue jewellery also balanced the femininity and masculinity well. Read on for outfit details.

Wearing (Click for links)

Jumpsuit: (Similar here)

Sunglasses: ASOS

Rings: Flash Jewellery by Nina Gordon 

Necklace: Flash by Nina Gordon

Earrings: Flash Jewellery by Nina Gordon 

Shoes: New Look (Similar here)


Nails: Topshop (Suffuse) and Nicole by OPI (You're a Star)    

Special thanks to Boohoo for the most perfect jumpsuit that I can't keep my hands and eyes off of (Insert heart eyes emoji here x3, maybe a billion more)

I'd also like to give Flash Jewellery a special thanks, I don't get to keep the jewellery, but damn I think I'm going to need one, maybe two, three now. Amazing quality with beautiful designs.
Blog feature coming soon, how can I resist?

AND a special sorry to this school I broke into, to take photos ha.

The photograph on the left and above are taken on my iPhone, so you'll see a colour change but no matter, I'll make it up to you with many exciting blog posts next week!

                                 Nicole Ku

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