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Friday 26 September 2014
Saben leather bag (Similar here) Photo credit: FOUREYES
I've been eyeing up Saben (pronounced 'Sae-ben') since I started my Instagram journey, I'm not sure how I came across it, but this particular bag striked me to the edge of my wooden seat. I was going through a camel/orange phase at the time anyway, but the simplicity, tailoring and colours hit me all at once. I still to this day, cannot get my mind off it. Saben was established in 1998 by designer, mother of two and artist, Roanne Jacobson. The name was named after Roanne's late grandmother, Sarah Saben, one of the sweetest things i've heard in a while. I was emailed by Scout leader, Brooke one day to visit their HQ in Ponsonby, damn that was one of the happiest things that happened to me all week, month, year even! Going into the HQ, you instantly see this neon sign that says "You lucky lucky thing" (See image below), which has become one of their sayings ever since a launch party that happened a few years back. By being there at the HQ is lucky in itself. I think one of the most rewarding things on heading over to an HQ is of course, the beautiful products you're introduced to, but it's the people behind all of the magic. Brooke, Roanne and Alice, sending so much love your way just by talking about their mutual passion, Saben.

I took some images at the HQ to show you guys, but sadly I didn't bring my camera (What was I thinking??) so I managed to take some on my iPhone 5, which is always disappointing in quality, but better this than nothing, right?

We spoke about their up and coming releases. I'm trying to hold my position, to not blab on, if I were allowed I definitely would tell you. It's such a task though because it's so exciting! So many exciting things coming your way soon, including a collaboration with one of my favourite artists. Eek! Must contain myself.

A corner of Saben HQ, featuring their rings under the neon sign, Tillys Big & Little Sis in Mineral Gold & Mineral Silver and Pitched Purse (Small), the one with cute tents.
NEW: Tilly's Big & Little Sis in Khaki, Taupe and Peach - coming soon.
From the left, Alice (Tillys Little Sis in Khaki), Roanne (Pitched Purse, Large) and Brooke
Brooke spicin' our visit up, made my day (ft. the bag wall - Look at the nude bag to her right tho, how can a bag be so perfect in every way.)
This corner of the Saben HQ needs an award as I said before. From left to right - Pitched Purse (Small), Tillys Big & Little  Sis in Peach, Khaki and Taupe (Coming soon), Pitched Purse (Large) 

Don't even talk to me about the quality and smell of these beautiful things, one sentence for you: Beyond my expectations.

Ready, steady, GO. Take your leather beauties and accessories on adventures, explore the world whether that's in a tent or not. Make memories with them, I definitely will be getting onto that.

Saben is now stocked in and around Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and online. If you want to see the incredible quality yourself, here is also a list of their stockists. 

"Every detail is designed with deliberate intent" -Roanne Jacobson

                              Nicole Ku

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