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Thursday 4 September 2014
Jennifer Tooley (MHI) backstage for Trish Peng, before rehearsals.
The reason why I skipped Day 2; because I couldn't get backstage on this day. I could of been in the media pit and everything (This is where all the photographers are, all trying to get the best runway shots), but my camera just isn't up to the runway level - this is why I need a new camera?! I also only went to 2 or 3 shows that day, so I feel like there wouldn't be enough content to please everyone, especially with the bad quality - who would want to read that. Anyway, again, these photographs aren't in any order. Some from Trish Peng, COOP by Trelise Cooper, Backstage of New Generation (which included; Wilson Trollope, Inhale Apparel, Nomsa Nabuto and ITZME), Trish Peng and the Flash Jewellery in its exhibition at the foyer. Day 4 of Fashion Week was just watching the Miromoda show on Friday, I just wanted to take a day to enjoy the show without worrying about photographing anything while also trying to ease my coughing fits because by then, I was already sick and tired from the late nights - Nearly all photographs are raw with no edits to them because, yes, you guessed it. "I ain't about that life (For now)".

"All hands on Natarsha Orsman (Red11/IMG), they said"
Backstage at Trish Peng // Smashbox
Sydney Wright (Red11) // In between shows because I had one hour to spare, just hanging around the venue.
Natarsha Orsman (Red11/IMG) backstage at Trish Peng
Eden Bristowe (62/Chic/Elite) backstage at ITZME
Natarsha Orman (Red11/IMG), backstage at Trish Peng
Juliette Perkins (Red11/IMG) walking for ITZME
Flash Jewellery by Nina Gordon

Jannifer Tooley (MHI) backstage at Trish Peng

                                 Nicole Ku

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  1. These are great photos, thanks for sharing!

    XOXO JuJu