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Thursday 14 August 2014
Amberley Colby (Red11) for Trelise Cooper S/S15 Launch at Coutts Mercedez-Benz taken with a memory-full iPhone 5 (In other words, the camera reaction was so slow)
This is the third one of these i've done and I kind of feel like I'm being unoriginal since Katherine Lowe does this kind of thing already, but I guess I need a place to reflect on my day, week or month and realise life isn't all that bad after all. I always get to the end of the week and say "Meh, this week was okay" when someone asks me how I am. Really what it boils down to is that, I don't know the beauty of it. I just flip everything inside out and toss out the good memories I've had throughout the week. It's not that I'm ungrateful, I am most grateful for still existing on this earth and everything I have, but I'm always so tired and drained from school that I don't even remember anything about the day after I fall asleep (Okay, maybe not entirely, but you get the jist of it?). I have to say that this month so far has been one of the most memorable moments - so many exciting things happened! I think that the best way for me to not drop the ball on good moments is to take pictures - people always say "Stop living from behind your screen" but I honestly can't, or i'll think my life is so not exciting because of the lack of evidence. I'll stop rambling - here is how my day, week or month has been.
There are no words for this...
  1. For some reason this month, my pet peeve has been particularly... weird. I don't usually get irritated at people for thinking that their "all that", but seriously? Turn your egos down a little. Heavy sarcasm isn't needed in EVERY single thing you talk about. 
  2. Companies that contact you but don't even mention your name - like... How do you expect me to collaborate with you if you don't even know my name for a start? I get emails that are so general that it's obvious they copy and paste their pitching to you. They don't set out the conditions to you and I just can't get involved with that type of thing, even if it's something that interests me.
  3. The amount of stats and figures that I have to remember for exams. Delightful.
  4. I feel like my hairstyle is too basic to be honest. I need a dramatic hair change that's elegant but with a flare and doesn't cost much to do. Inspirations, anyone?!
  5. People who are so lazy with replying emails. I mean, I sent you that email a week ago???
  6. My impatience - I have to know my grades fast, I have to get an email back fast or I'll keep refreshing, I have to get a reply back immediately or I'll get anxiety - I can't stop, I won't have to stop. No. 5 doesn't help with this either.
  7. Little Year 9s who think they're the 'bomb' with their baggy tops and baggy jeans that are so low they drag on the ground to a point it looks like a fully occupied diaper - not only that but with snapbacks and massive skateboards that aren't even their size. Dressing like Justin Bieber isn't the best for your image. Taking every advantage, sneaking onto buses because they have no money and being racist to people on buses. Grow up. So irritated with people like that.  
Nice words come to mind...
  1. People who are willing to give you a second chance - it means the world to me. Even if I don't get what I want in the end, it's still worth knowing they believed in me.
  2. Last week, I had the pleasure of getting invited to the Trelise Cooper S/S15 launch at Coutts Mercedez-Benz and it was an extremely successful show with beautiful designs throughout. You can watch some of the show here. Let me tell you, the hair product I got from the goodie bag?! Don't even get me started, it's such a beautiful product - more information coming soon.
  3. My Instagram is nearly at 2,000 followers (Not really, but close?) - I don't even know how that happened! Thank you to those of you who have stayed with me from the day I started my Instagram account to the day I started my blog - and to those of you who cared enough to click the like or follow button. 
  4. Genuinely nice people. 
  5. Starbucks: Mint Cookie Crumble Mocha (HELL YES, it's the little things)
  6. The Trelise Cooper and Karen Walker seasons this year is absolutely stunning - I honestly can't wait until I've rocked up enough money to go crazy on the clothes. 
  7. What I've realised is that it'll be less than 3 months until High School is officially over and it'll be time to start a new beginning. I can't wait to free up more time to do what I love which is blogging and photography. I'm not the best at these two things, but I'm working on it - Slow and steady. 
  8. My closest friends have been my rock - beautiful people with beautiful hearts, they genuinely bring out the best in me and make me laugh so much whenever we hang out. No judging, no games, occasional gossip but that's okay. Just the way I like it. Thanks, Minnie and Louise.
  9. I got a new blender this week - it's such a glorious, beautiful thing.
  10. I am going to NZFW - Seemed impossible to get accredited but it happened. 

                            Nicole Ku

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