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NZFW 2014

Tuesday 19 August 2014
New Zealand Fashion Week is just around the corner and it's pretty much time to start preparing for the hustle and bustle of the week. It was a long, long ride to get to where I am now so I'll let you in on how I managed to gained accreditation after being rejected and my schedule for the week. From the time I learnt that NZFW even existed, it's always been my goal to become a delegate. This was the first year I had applied for this and was also the first year I started to blog. I originally applied to become accredited as a blogger, however after a long 5 days of waiting for their reply, I had been rejected. Being someone that earns their own money and goes to school, NZD$50 was a lot of money, just think about all the food that I would be able to buy or what Karen Walker bracelet I'd be able to buy!? Anyway, that sent my confidence and life down the drain, but being someone where "giving up" is not in my vocabulary, I decided to email those that were in charge. This is where things became interesting.

As you can see from my archives page, I started blogging in January and only properly blogged in March. That didn't give me much index on Google to prove that I'm worth being at NZFW because I wasn't influential enough. I saw that, I saw why they didn't let me through. 
I eventually nagged them (By that, I mean one email) enough for them to reply asking me to reapply as a photographer instead free of charge, which sent me over the moon. 

If there's anything that I learnt throughout this whole experience, it's that you've really got to be persistent and never give up to get to your end goal, even if that may seem like an impossible task. I learn from Margaret Zhang, one of my all time heroes is that you can't always market yourself as a 'Blogger', always have a side profession like a Photographer, Creative Director or Stylist. In her case, it's all that. If there's one advice I can give you to gain accreditation, don't let one thing let you down even if that's being rejected. If you're truly passionate about what you're getting yourself into, find another way, like volunteering. 

I volunteered at Britomart Fashion Sessions in March and it was the best experience I have ever done for myself. While everyone was at school, I spent 2 days helping out. It included carrying over a thousand goodie bags and setting up hundred of chairs and poles, but it wasn't a matter of complaining about the work. It was a matter of committing to your word to help out and gaining that experience made me grow up to stop being the naive girl that I was. My point is, we all start somewhere. 

Now that you know how I got to this point, take a look at my schedule for the week ahead. This won't only show you my schedule but will help me, because the invitations are all over the place:

Tuesday 26 August: 
Nom*D - 11AM (The Runway)
Contemporary Salon Show, Shen - 12PM (Upper Runway)
New Generation Show - 1PM (The Runway)
Lela Jacobs - 2PM (Upper Runway)
3 hour break - Model interviews, street style, lunch
Salasai - 5PM (Upper Runway) 
Trelise Cooper Backstage
Trelise Cooper - 6PM (The Runway) 

Wednesday 27 August:
Contemporary Salon Show - 11:30AM (The Runway)
Meeting with Nina Gordon at Flash Jewellery
PIA - 3PM (Upper Runway)
Street style, model interviews, lunch

Thursday 28 August:
Celine Rita - 11AM (Upper Runway)
New Generation Show - 12PM (The Runway) + Backstage
Trish Peng Backstage - 1PM
Trish Peng - 1:30PM (Upper Runway)
COOP by Trelise Cooper Backstage - 2PM
COOP by Trelise Cooper - 2:30PM (The Runway)

Friday 29 August:
Miromoda Show - 11AM (The Runway)

                             Nicole Ku

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