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Sunday 27 July 2014

I was lucky enough to be able to receive a few Collection products to review recently. A few things: I can guarantee you that these opinions are my own and are my upmost honest. I know it's difficult to believe what anyone online says about any product but you're just going to have to deal with that. I've always been very intrigued about Collection as YouTubers/British bloggers have raved about it since forever ago - I didn't know whether it was worth the hype seeing as it is at such an affordable price - so affordable that it's almost unbelievable to match up the price with its quality - but I gave it a shot anyway. I tested these products out for over a week now and I think I can give my two cents in now. Naturally, there will be some pros and cons to each product, so if you're here to see praise fully, then you're at the wrong place but if you're here to see if the products are worth purchasing at your local Countdown, you're at the right place. Take a look at what I think about these three products.

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick (Above: Queen of Hearts) - To be quite honest, I had the choice of what shade of lipstick I wanted and I have already got a ton of red lipsticks but to me, the only way you can test out a lipstick to its full potential is to choose red. Red lipstick overall is a nightmare - they bleed out of the lips, fade and many more, so by testing a red lipstick you are able to see how the lipstick is in its true form.

I'll keep this short - I love this lipstick. It's quite glossy/moisturising and you get a good amount per tube which is something I look for in a lipstick. Many high-end lipsticks cost a fortune and you only get a little bit, what's up with that? I get pissed off when I splurge on a lipstick with beautiful packaging but when you twist it up... oop there's only like 10 applications until it's gone. What can I do with an empty lipstick tube? and trust me, I have been that little kid that melts off lip balm and puts it back in the pretty tube but it just leaks everywhere and makes my microwave smell like warm fruit.

This colour in particular is great for every skin tone as it's a nice mix between cool and warm tones. One thing I have to say about this lipstick though is that is does bleed out a little if you're not careful. The sharp edges of the lipstick becomes blunt when you're applying it as it is a beautiful moisturising lipstick, so don't keep it out in the sun and make sure you rotate the lipstick when you notice the edges getting blunt. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I think we've all heard about this product, somewhere or from someone. I have nothing but praise about this glorious product. I believe in the hype now, I'm converted. This product is like a younger and more handsome brother/sister of the MAC Mineralised Moisture Concealer. The MAC Mineralised Moisture concealer is an amazing product, silky and easy to blend but this Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is the exact same thing, but more affordable. When ever someone says a product is comparable to MAC, you know this is a serious product. I can't even remember the last time I loved a concealer so much.

Collection Primed and Ready Primer I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of this product, but only partly because of it's silicone texture, which, being the paranoid person that I am, think it's clogging my pores. I know everything that you put on your face clogs your pores so my paranoia must be for nothing. Despite my paranoid self, I absolutely love the way it feels on my skin, it's a lot more silkier than had I imagined - when I think of primer, I think of something like the MAC Prep+Prime where its thicker and shiny - it just goes to show how much of a knowledge I have about different primers in this world. That being said, this is a clear gel-like liquid, i'd say it's similar to the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light. This also does make my makeup last 4-5 hours longer, in long days after school then going off to work right after, it's a lifesaver. By the 4th or 5th hour, my makeup is already sliding off my face and I'm not one to touch up at all during the day so, those of you looking for an affordable primer (that allows you to forget about your worries of looking like a panda face in front of your crush), then this is the primer for you.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Left) // MAC Mineralised Moisture Concealer (Right)
If you're asking for my opinion, I'll tell you that Collection has beaten off many 'drugstore' brands that I love. The quality and price just doesn't match up, the quality is way out of the prices' league, don't you think?

Nicole x

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