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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Teanabeautyxo. Never heard of her? Where have you been? A few days ago, I sat down with this golden goddess at a café and had a small interview with her after she kindly agreed to meet up to do this. She is a fairly new YouTube beauty guru from New Zealand that does many celebrity style looks and is rising quickly in her YouTube career. It's an amazing thing to watch her grow so fast actually! Teanabeautxo currently has over 3,500 subscribers and yes, it may seem like a little amount compared to say... Michelle Phan - BUT, her channel is growing as we speak and I can see a bright future for this girl. She is a 17-year-old Arabic that's partnered with StyleHaul. Her videos captures your attention like no other and has a personal touch and unique flare that makes you have that urge to subscribe and want to be her best friend. This girl is down-to-earth, fun, bubbly and I genuinely mean that. I'd also like to add... She gets her eyeliner perfect EVERY TIME. She is the next big thing. I won't say too much about this wonderful human being and let her do the talking. 

In this interview, Teanabeautyxo talks about how her YouTube channel came about, her views on educations vs YouTube, girls wearing makeup at a young age, how she dealt with people finding out about her channel and many more hilarious stuff. Get to know more of her from a whole new level. 

Enter the magical interview, you won't be disappointed.

The interview took nearly 30 minutes in total so... get yourself a drink, get comfy and enjoy the ride.

(Nicole) Hi Tina! Thanks for joining me today, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to let me interview you. 
(Tina) No problem! [laughs] So you're asking the questions first, right?
Yeah, yeah! Just go with the flow. Firstly, tell us about yourself. Oh and while you're at it, would you like to clear up how you spell your name?
I'm 17 and I'm probably the shortest 17-year-old you'll ever meet [laughs] and my name is actually spelt T-I-N-A - I only did the 'Teana'  part because I made an email account ages ago to make my name sound - Oh my god, there's a moth - cooler.
[laughs] You're not too short and I'm sure we've all had 'that' email when we were younger! Now, tell me about how you discovered YouTube.
Um - ok I got this - I think the first time that I watched a YouTube video for makeup and hair was when I was going to a wedding when I was in Year 9 and I was wanting to do a Kim Kardashian hairstyle so, I went and searched 'How to curl your hair like Kim Kardashian' - I think? or something like that. An AlbaMayo video came up - she was really cool at the time -  I then started watching her videos more and became obsessed with her. After that, started watching Tanya Burr and that's when I knew that I wanted to do a video. 
My mum didn't let me do it though, cause she thought creepy people would come on and watch me so I ended up making a YouTube channel using Copic Markers. Do you know what Copic Markers are?
Hm no! I've heard about them and I heard they were really good [laughs]
They're markers for like... 
Oh yes, I think I remember now! 
[laughs] Yeah, so I did that in all my videos - That whole time I did Copic Marker videos, I was still watching videos and so one night I decided to just film a video.
Well, I guess your mum has a point. You know Jamie's World?
Well I heard that one day people found out where she had lived and went to her house in the middle of the night to ask for her.
Oh my god, that's really creepy! 
[laughs] Yeah, you'll be fine though! (pats) And I think you did a great job deciding to film on a whim. Alright, next question is: What made you want to become a 'beauty guru' (We both dislike that term - It reminds us of the movie The Love Guru starring Mike Myers)?
Well, because I used to pretend to make videos in front of the mirror and stuff like that and so yeah, I kind of just wanted to show people how I do my makeup. I watch people's videos and think to myself that I'd do that part differently, you know? and so I just wanted to show people how I would to that part differently and I guess, it's just a part of being girly - that's the best part about it. 
Oh don't worry, I think many girls look into a mirror and talk to themselves like they're making a video (guilty). Where do you get your inspirations from?
Probably like, celebrities in terms of make up wise but in terms of editing, I pull inspiration from people like Beautycrush and Claire Marshall. I like people who edit differently and I've been trying to edit differently because that's part of the enjoyment of it, the way somebody edits it. I'm inspired by anything that has some sort of girlyness to it - not just like pink or anything - but anything feminine. 
That's a good answer! Girly but feminine. How would you describe your style?
Yeah, I would say anything feminine - not with hot pink and bows or anything - but anything that makes me look cute. I'm quite short so I wear a lot of short skirts as in, not in a slutty way - oh god, don't put that in (laughs), but to make me look like I have longer legs or not as short as I am, you know? I like cut outs and lace trims that are in the right places like, I love wearing delicate lace pieces like bralets - that sort of thing. In terms of shoes, I'd wear boots... ALWAYS BOOTS!
Haha, boots that make you taller?! 
[laughs] Yeah! Boots that make me taller. 
Who are you favourite YouTubers?
Beautycrush, Claire Marshall, Chloe Morello and Tanya Burr
Oh my - Me too! Tanya Burr's always so happy and cute!
Yeah, and she's really good at makeup too!
She has the whole package (laughs): Who/what made you want to start using makeup and at what age did you start wearing makeup?
I think I started to use makeup... Oh, it was this girl that my cousin and I had found on YouTube and I  kind of started wearing bronzer and foundation when I was Year 9 - I was 13 at the time - but then we started watching more YouTube videos and found more people on YouTube. We started wearing eyeliner and mascara and started to experiment more. 
Speaking of age, something that just came to my mind is that girls that are wearing makeup are getting younger and younger and my question to you is: Do you have any advice for the girls that are thinking about wearing makeup at a young age?
I would actually take back the fact that I'd started wearing makeup when I was 13 because when I was 13-15 years-old, I didn't need to wear make up when my skin was quite good already. If I have a blemish or anything of course it'd be nice to cover it up but you really don't need to wear make up if you don't need it. I think as long as you're wearing it to make you feel better, not for anybody else then that's okay - Of course everybody says that but it's just the actual answer to it. 

Scroll down for more! 

The café where Tina and I got to know more about each other and had the majority of her interview done (featuring the cranberry juice) 

Definitely some Ariana Grande vibes. Watch Tina's Ariana Grande tutorial here.
Tina and I had a stroll around the area so our butts wouldn't become as flat as pancakes and ended up sitting at a very beautiful tall deck with ropings all around. It looked like something at came off of a OnePiece game/anime or a sailor movie - As we walked, Tina said something hilarious... "I ate SO much the other day, like... My cousins told me "Girl, you have a photoshoot soon!!". She was telling me how she tried these American sweets called 'The Original Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough Bites'. Watch her rave about it on her Instagram! - We got comfortable and continued the interview where we left off...

What do you think makes you different from other YouTubers?
I'd say I'm different because of the fact that I try to relate to younger and older people and it's pretty hard when you're a teenager to relate to older people. I try to do that somewhat - and I also think that the way I edit my videos is different. Of course, everyone has their own editing style but in the way I edit my videos, hopefully my personality shows. Also, I'm from New Zealand and there's not very many people from New Zealand that do beauty videos apart from Shaaanxo and a few other people. I guess I try to make sure people know that I'm relatable kind of thing - so yeah, I'd say that.
Oh! - I also focus on the actual makeup rather than the 'looking pretty' part because yeah, I think a lot of girls make videos now to get famous or whatever and of course that comes with it and you want people to watch your videos (because or else you wouldn't have made them public), but that's not the aim. The biggest aim is the fun of using different techniques, colours, brushes, textures and stuff like that and not to just be... sexy or hot [laughs].
I agree. People who make videos for the wrong reasons should just refrain from making YouTube videos. What are your future plans in terms of education?
I would never not go to university because of my YouTube in terms of making it easier on myself but I mean, if it just so happens that you got a job which was really good or YouTube ended up working out for you and you didn't end up needing to go to university then that's really good because at this time that we are in now, you don't always need a good degree to get a good job as employers might be looking for something different, you know? So yeah, I don't know, it just depends on everybody.
How has YouTube changed you?
I literally think of this every single day because I wouldn't know who I would be without YouTube even though it's not even that big in my life-
[laughs]It feels like it has been. I had social anxiety last year and that was when I created my YouTube channel and I think YouTube has really changed my confidence. YouTube has really helped my confidence in talking to people and being in social situations and seriously, it's helped me to my makeup. When I filmed my first video, I could barely see the lens cause my eyesight is so bad - the video is private now - but I've trained myself to almost feel for the makeup rather than looking in the mirror.
Oh wow! That's really impressive and is a video in itself! You could do the 'Makeup for glasses'. 
Yeah, yeah that's a good idea!
Alright. It's time for some quick questions to finish things off. No nice clothes or no makeup? (Not clean and no high-end brands)
Um... wait - No makeup. As long as my hair is fine, I'm good!
[laughs] Choose 3 makeup items you would use for the rest of your life.
Foundation (Perfection Lumiere), mascara (Too Faced Better Than Sex)  and lipstick (Velvet Teddy by MAC).
What is your biggest advice on people thinking of making a YouTube channel and how did you deal with people finding out about your videos?
Advice for people that are thinking of making videos... As long as you're making the videos because you have passion for whatever you're talking about, whether it's for makeup, clothes or funny jokes - as long as you're making the videos because you have passion for that thing then do that but if you're doing it to get views thats just-- it's not going to feel the same for the viewers because you can tell when somebody isn't passionate.
I'd say the way that I dealt with it is that - people still don't know yet, fully but people that I know subscribe to me when I haven't even told them yet and so at this point, I'm totally fine with it but I remember last year being so, so scared of people finding out and anytime someone mentions 'YouTube', I'd just shut up because I'd be so scared so, If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, I'd just say 'Don't worry about it". If they're going to say something rude then whatever, I'm still doing it for myself, I'm still enjoying myself and people are saying nice, positive things so... they can just... go fuck themselves [laughs].
Oh, sassy! Well said, Tina! You have this whole YouTube thing down. You're going to go very far and again, thank you for letting me interview you today! I wish you the best of luck.
You're welcome and thank you for today - it was really fun!

Tina wears -
Dress: American Apparel 
Shoes: PAMPAS by ROCboots
Jacket: Junkfood (Wildpair)
Bag: Forever New
Earrings: Ted Baker

Tina's makeup - 
Nail polish: Fiji by Essie
Foundation: Chanel Perfection Lumiere 
Eyeliner: Makeup Forever (Aqua Cream Eye Shadow in 27 Matte Black)
Mascara: L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D mascara
Bronzer: NARS Laguna and Sleek Contour Kit (Medium)
Highlighter: Sleek Contour Kit (Medium), MAC Strobe Cream and MAC Soft & Gentle (All topped off with MAC Fix+ to let the powder look natural)
Lips: Morning Coffee (Lip pencil) and Mehr x Velvet Teddy (Lipsticks) 
Brows: MAC Eyeshadow in Brun

Here's Tina's beautiful signature video ending xo

Check out Tina's YouTube and Social media platforms @

Make sure you check this girl out - you will not regret it! She's going to be huge. I repeat, she is going be be huge. You heard it first here! Tina is incredibly funny on and off camera and so down-to-earth - we need more people like this.
I'd like to give a huge thank you do Tina again for allowing me to interview her, it was a tonne of fun. 

Also, just a side note - I'm going to be taking half-head shots for everyone I take photographs of. That'll be my 'thing' from now on. Hopefully in time, I'll have a big collection of half-head shots. I think it's simplistic, beautiful and can show so much in a person.

Nicole x

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