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Wednesday, 29 August 2018
From what I thought would be a week-before-fashion week routine turned into a month long one thanks to Smith & Caughey's; Its taken my whole life to figure out what it takes to bring my skin and general health to a steady wavelength. Its taken me years to realize whats consumed reflects on the outside. In this career driven modern renaissance of photographing this, editing that and posting there, there's 'no time' to start thinking about inner health, let alone what's on the outside. An eye opening experiment showed me there's always time. What with the experiment? It took a record-breaking week of good skin, then suddenly consuming food from a chain with the golden arches. You know what happened next. Here I present you my Beauty Call Sheet 2018, finally finding the solutions that works. It's important to remember we're made up of 50-60% water; respect that, and put only the best in your body and system. Tried and true, mostly organic, this is the routine I've been following for the past month, will never go back. Continue for more, all linked below. 

Rawceuticals Clean Cleanser 


Rawceuticals Clean Cleanser
La Mer Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask (Once every month)


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