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Wednesday, 25 July 2018
Nicole Ku | Nicrific Smith & Caughey's
Up until it was a common-sense quote, "Quality over quantity" had been thrown around, attached to that is the most valuable meaning. Then what comes after that, "Affordable over expensive"?; The dream girl and guy that exists is one that knows how to evaluate what is truly worth your time and money - The rise of what seems to be Lysts' hottest brands and items is a true testament to what society values today; that pattern of spending money on pieces that would stand the test of time and wear is what seems to be driving that 'expensive' side of 'quality'. But would you rather spend your hard earned tax return funds on something that would break easily or spend a little extra for one that lasts. The dream girl and guy that exists is explored further in this shoot next to my previous. 'Phase Two' further uncovers that dream human that is Izzi Zigan - Putting important on those investment pieces. Photographed at the same location, I shoot my top investment pieces every one should own...  maybe minus that $1,300 Versace plate but if you have that extra money to spare, by all means go for it. Just save a little, then pull the plug on something that will last a lifetime. The continuation story of the dream human of Smith & Caughey's, the place of quality at all affordances and plus currently having the biggest sale of a lifetime. Continue for more. // All featured linked below.

Weekend by Max Mara Bag []
La Tribe Heels []
Gucci Eyewear []
MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Chili []
Versace Plates []
Versace Perfume []
Kowtow Jacket []
Lancaster Paris []
Rains Jacket [

Nicole Ku | Nicrific Smith & Caughey's

Nicole Ku | Nicrific Smith & Caughey's

Nicole Ku | Nicrific Smith & Caughey's

Nicole Ku | Nicrific Smith & Caughey's


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