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Tuesday 17 November 2015
In the most raw form a picture would allow, nature would allow, here I bring you the second instalment of the robe series; Sophie McLean. In attempts to imitate the ideal way of dressing for Summer, turned the title to be post steamy Summer hot showers and as much as I wished, mermaid. Uniform. The looks that you can wear time and time again and feel at home, so much so it felt like uniform without the compulsory. Featuring the 'all-you-need' for Summer key essentials, Maurie & Eve, Skycity Grand Hotel robe and Georgia Alice. Speaking of key essentials - used Sophie McLean for quite a while now, carried with professionalism and supermodel facets of skill at all times; not to be missed.

Model: Sophie McLean @ Red11 Models // Assisted by: Brittany McCrystal

Look 1: 
Bath Robe: Skycity Grand Hotel

Look 2:
Dress: Maurie & Eve

Look 3:
Top: Maurie & Eve
Pants: Georgia Alice


  1. Wow I love this! Sophie is gorgeous and I'm in love with the pants in the third photo xx

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