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Saturday 29 August 2015
Flares have always been frowned upon passing the 70s; and to the average human where Fashion comes second in language may frown upon this, but in today's society the more you say 'screw it' the more you'll move forward. Good or bad. 'Screw it', wore a strapless bra for the first time, believe it or not. 'Screw it', cut my hair shorter than ever for the first time. 'Screw it', let's pair silver with gold. Don't screw with that phrase; moderation. // Thanks Stephen Marr for the gorgeous cut, feeling like I've passed a millstone in my hair life. Outfit details below, as per. 

Top: Maurie & Eve
Jewellery: Flash Jewellery and MIMCO
Bag: Benah by Karen Walker
Pants: Stolen Girlfriends Club


  1. I totally agree with you on the "screw it" attitude! Your blog looks soooo good x
    Sending love from California <3

    1. Sorry for the incredibly late reply, but thank you for your kind words xx
      Sending love from New Zealand!