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Thursday 16 July 2015
11-year-old myself and I would never care about anything beauty, turns out it's growing pains of discovering you and comfort. Issue 23 of Black Magazine featured The Flower, Marthe Wiggers of IMG in raw but unraw beauty, the vogue of that seems to be latching on and will be for coming heydays. Legend story editorial and cover photographed by Thom Kerr, Edited by Sarah M Birchley, Hair by Iggy using Kerestase and Makeup by Gemma Elaine using M.A.C Cosmetics; defining champion aesthetics and the now generation, let me give it a go. Disregard this as a monthly favourite, it's an all time. // Comp cards of Clyne Models girls from left top to bottom; Seen, Tia, Moira, Imogen, Bianca and Laura. Jewellery features; Flash Jewellery, Joshua Hall Jewellery, and COOP. All time victory beauty selections below.

Apply M.A.C Strobe Cream (NZD$70) before bases of moisturiser, primer, foundation and concealer, or alternatively mix with a foundation for a flawless glow, careful though, let's not oil up the face instead.

M.A.C Prep+Prime BB, Amber (NZD$64) Hop over to your local M.A.C counter and enquire to match your warmth; Amber won't suit everyone, but cream BBs will. Perfect texture for natural to extreme contour such as the above, this is all you need.

Stain or pat down matte, intense or natural glow. M.A.C Velvet Lipstick, Verve (NZD$40) will take care of you.

Crème de la Mer, 30ml (NZD$260); a bit intense in price, never tried this super until I was given one. Intense in aftermath too, what a difference. Glow, moisture and health in one night. Ask for a sample if possible, you'll be running to a full bottle.

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