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Tuesday 2 June 2015
Could be Ray Charles'ing this, but no. Georgia Alice'ing this. I've been a fan of this talented lady, Georgia Alice Currie ever since her winning of the coveted DHL Express Fashion Export Scholarship 2014, being named the 'next Karen Walker'; couldn't agree more. Unique flares, cuts and silhouettes, Georgia Alice clearly shown all over each garment, no need to second guess who the designer is; one of the designers I'd toss money out for, just like that. Exactly what I did. GA skirts as strapless tops makes beaters to your sale punch 'slightly' okay. Doesn't make losing that leather jacket and the black signature GA strapless top to someone else okay though, but the hopeful mind hopes for another sale. Will happen again, right? Georgia on my mind, until then. Yours truly bringing you GA steals from the sale and other favourite things like being absorbed in Flash Culture. 

Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Number One' in Crazy Tort
Top: NOM*d
Vest: Georgia Alice
Necklace: Karen Walker 'Monstera Leaf Necklace'
Skirt: Georgia Alice
Ring: Flash Jewellery 'Foil Daze Ring' in Gold
Shoes: ASOS

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