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Tuesday 11 November 2014
For the longest time I've stayed away from patterns because, let me be honest here,  I didn't like or feel comfortable in patterns and colours but I decided to suck it up and wear this out today. I went to the Amber Whitecliffe's Parnell store yesterday and got this golden skirt I had my eye on ever since the Summer 14/15 launch a few weeks ago, so in celebration of this golden skirt, I decided to do it justice instead of downplaying it and opting for another black outfit. Go big or go home? Is that what people say these days?  If I were to tell my 16-year-old self something, one of the things would be take more risks when dressing myself. If I walked into a store and saw something I liked but the back or front wasn't what I expected, on the rack it goes back. I'd get scared and walk away because it was out of my comfort zone so 16-year-old Nicole, stop doing that. It's an advice I'd give to myself even now, I do take that advice, but a constant reminder would be helpful. These shots are also very dark because it was about to rain, dammit. Outfit details below.

Top: Topshop
Belt (I am wearing one): Karen Walker
Shoes: New Look

                                    Nicole Ku

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