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Friday 31 October 2014

30 October 2014, 6:00PM kicked off with New Zealand designer, Amber Whitecliffe's Summer 14/15 launch named 'Mrs. Pinto' (with guest speaker Evelyn Ebrey, Just So Pretty). Before I dive into the blog post, I just have to say that I'm not only grateful to be invited to this event, but I'm also grateful that this wasn't on a Friday night or else I would of had to miss work - that's all. Continue; I first saw this collection this year at New Zealand Fashion Week as my good friends, Sophie McLean (Red11) and Devon Toi (62) were both walking for this show so I popped backstage to visit them. It's funny because these colours and prints are clearly not my style, but the more I looked at it the more I fell in love with the collection, I'll explain why in a minute. The launch was to celebrate the release as well as explaining to us how this collection came about - I'll try and pick information out of my brain but just a warning, I have a memory of a goldfish so if I miss anything out, you'll have to head in-store and ask Mrs. Pinto herself.

Amber's new collection, 'Mrs. Pinto' was inspired by her husband as a general rule, hence 'Mrs. Pinto'. The colours and prints were inspired by her husbands culture, Portuguese and Indian, so you'll see prints that are of interesting in colours and shapes. The Indian side made her think about all the spices in curry, so she mustered up a chilli colour to fit the inspiration.

All her fabrics are sourced from New Zealand and/or all over the world. One of her fabrics used in this collection is from Mood located in the US - as soon as I heard this, I screamed in my head "PROJECT RUNWAY", my love for Project Runway made me a little bias to like this collection even more, but who am I kidding, I liked this collection long before.

The launch consisted of an educational experience talk from a very passionate fashion journalist, Evelyn Ebrey, Petal Cupcakes, drinks, a small interview with the lady of the night Amber and a chilli wall. Read on for photos of the event as well as my favourite prints and collections.

The photograph above is just a sneaky picture I took as we listened to Evelyn's experience. You can see Tash Bonniface from My Wardrobe on a Blog and Tara from ShopStyleConquer

NZFW 2014 Amber Whitecliffe ft. Sophie McLean (Red11) and Devon Toi (62)

I have to admit that these pieces aren't my style, but the more I think about it, these pieces are so timeless, classic and bold that even one piece can spice up your whole wardrobe/outfit. The more I think about it the more I fall in love with the collection . My top three, favourite pieces from the collection are Riso Pinafore, Primeira Dama Top and the Familia Bomber. 

Amber is a woman of many talents, clearly reflected in her collection here. I have so much admiration  for this lady, working so hard every day and the outcome is incredible. 

Amber Whitecliffe Boutique also stocks:
Captive Candles (Avocado & Lime - TOO GOOD)
Veronica B
Karen Murrell

Shop 3, 323 Parnell Road
Parnell, Auckland 1050
New Zealand 

                               Nicole Ku

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