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Saturday 30 August 2014
The beautiful Kenzie (Unique) backstage at New Generation
*Somehow, this post disappeared from my archive list and so rewriting this would be much easier if I hadn't deleted my note listing what happened at NZFW from my iCloud. No matter, I'll try and remember as many as I can. What you're reading now, I wrote on the 5th of January 2015.
After a roller coaster of a ride at NZFW, I finally compiled a list of interesting things that happened for my first week at the event. Every part of NZFW was fantastic, but there were just a few moments that made me think "Damn, I might as well leave now" so I'll let you into why I thought that. Nothing including rude people, everyone was graceful and composed, but me? Well that's a different story. Read on. 

1. Someone thought I was a model backstage "Hi, hair and make up?", "Oh I'm not a model", "I'm so sorry haha". Must've been the heels. 

2. I met some amazing people, some new faces, some old faces including models like: Yaya Deng, Valentina Ruby, Sophie McLean, Devon Toi, Eden Bristowe, McKenzie, Asena Yildiz, Connie Cao, Helena Chen, Sydney Pollock, Trish Peng, Katherine Lowe, Maddy Budd, Sam Lee, Maia Cotton, Sydel Berryman, Jennifer Tooley, Sophia Warren, Kelly Thompson, Nina Gordon and many more.

3. I lost my notebook which included some embarrassing notes, but thank goodness I didn't write my name in it. 

4. Spilt coffee down my Vogue top on the first day, wonderful. 

5. I got sick on the second day of NZFW which sent me to living hell for the rest of the week.

6. I met up with Helena Chen and Sydney Pollock for lunch in between shows and the weirdest thing happened: We were walking down the street to see what to eat and was stopped by, I assume was the boss and he told us to go in and gave us a menu but it was way too overpriced for what it was so we ran out when he was busy. He suddenly appeared where we were but we hid behind plants to escape. Crazy huh?

7. I got street style snapped by a photographer from Vogue on my last day of Fashion Week. I'm hoping they post it up on their website, but I'm not fussed - It was the experience that counted. 

8. Everything at the cafĂ© was way too overpriced. $5 for a small coffee? You've got to me kidding me, but who really complains when they're starving to death after a show? Lesson learned, bring a muesli bar next time. 

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