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Thursday 23 January 2014
Good job, blade. You've done/'served' (Get the pun?) me well!
During my 1 to 2 month school break, I took my liberty to eat healthy. I was sick of feeling so stuffy inside - you know that feeling of guilt when you put something bad into your body? yeah, I've been feeling that for a while now and to be quite honest, the only reason why I was eating horrible things is because of the people around me. You go out with friends, family, or anyone and you go into a restaurant and order what you feel like but when you think about it, you really just don't understand what's stopping you from eating healthy. I guess it's just an impulse order. So during my break and even before that, I decided to stop and reflect on my eating habits - how hard could it be to eat healthy? I've experimented on what juice would give me the same taste level as it would in a fizzy drink and I've discovered my favourite.  

It's always frustrating to eat healthy because you'll have to watch yourself each step of the way but it's easier than it seems. Instead of lollies, grab a fruit. Instead of chips, bake some Kale chips. (search the internet for a recipe, it's delicious) Instead of fizzy drinks, drink water or beat up your own fruit juice if you're itching for some sugary liquid. The recipe below will give you that confidence that healthy foods can be delicious again!

Tip to start eating healthy #1: When you think you've decided on cooking/ordering an unhealthy meal, stop and grab something healthier without thinking. If you 'Just do it', (ha- little Nike quote) you'll have no choice but to eat it cause let's be real, you won't waste money for some $2 burger...right?

Once you start eating healthy, you'll start to feel more satisfied with your life and will start to see a difference in your attitude almost immediately - it's worth a shot ;)

80g frozen/fresh blueberries
40g frozen/fresh raspberries
1 whole skinless nectarine
50g seedless watermelon
1 cup water
2 ice cubes (optional)

Put the blueberries, raspberries, nectarine, watermelon, water and ice cubes into a blender (like a Magic Bullet - not a juicer) and blend until smooth - if there are little specs of blueberry skin, don't worry about it, it's normal. You will see that the colour is a nice red/pink shade. Add more water if you feel like the consistency is too thick for your liking.

Tip to start eating healthy #2: You NEED to sign a contract in your head or if not, make a firm decision on doing it. Just like a New Years Resolution, if you aren't serious about it, you'll fail. Every decision starts with a yes, no or maybe. If you're on a maybe fence, you'll most likely not succeed.

Tip to start eating healthy #3: It's all in your head. Take control of your mind. If you start to think it tastes good, it'll start to taste good. If you have negativity in your head, you'll have negative thoughts on the things you're putting in your body.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me how your juice went and share some of your tips with the community! Thanks for reading.

Nicole x


  1. This sounds like a wicked recipe! I may try it out someday.

  2. you are awesome! i mean the juice......