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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

This is something I've wanted to shoot for a while; the hero items in my life that have been given a permanent fix to both my work ethics and drive. Those pieces of jewellery you wear from day to day and feels weird when you forget it at home? These are those. Those pieces of jewellery that is your subtle replacement for a 'power suit'? These are those. Shot within the hidden gem in Smith & Caughey's floor high up the ground with the New York state of mind, here I present to you a shoot for my beautiful friends at Smith & Caughey's featuring my stand out pieces since forever ago. Everything featured in this shoot from jewellery to clothing are linked below. Continue for details and links // Photographed and styled by your girl talking, Make-up by Michelle at Bobbi Brown New Zealand, and Assisted by Lauren Warner.
Look 1: 
Jewellery: Dyberg/Kern
Dress: Stevie May

Look 2:
Jewellery: Amber Sceats 

Look 3:
Jewellery: Meadowlark 
Skirt: Kowtow
Shoes: Senso

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