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Tuesday, 19 December 2017
The story of a last-minute Christmas shopper; We've all done it. Deciding whether to walk miles on end to stores you can't find a meaning to [Can't get fast food as a present, can you?], this year that ended with a hit of heaven. The active years of shopping for the essentials at Smith & Caughey's made me realise it's a hub for and of everything. A little dramatic but true, decades of returning for Kiehl's Skin Rescuer and MAC Pro Longwear Pencil Liner in Definitely Black made your girl a little washed up with the regulars; just like ordering the same thing at a restaurant. You don't know what other heavenly exists. This year Santa gave to me the gift of convenience along with my favourite gift giving brands. Continue to see what I picked for the endless secret santa and gifts for dear ones with the help of Smith & Caughey's. // All available in stores and online:, Photographed by your girl.

A - Z 
Calvin Klein - The definition of perfect gift to any girl; Watch what happens when you gift a friend or girl/boyfriend some Calvin's. That Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg advert they saw a decade ago still enlisted on the top priority of attainable beauty because of those affordable but beautiful underwear or bra. 

Gift Card - Some say shallow and lazy, I say freedom.

Karen Walker - While understandable, this brand taken New Zealand by storm isn't always affordable but these Flame Earrings are a perfect fit on a budget. Fashion forward that suits every occasion. 

Lonely Lingerie - Shadow play and Shadow slip as seen here; The bright orange instantly caught the eye as the perfect New Years dress. Simple, understated and cool enough for the Summer. Just as divine as their lingerie itself, challenge their bralettes too, get the whole set.

Miu Miu - There are times where you want to give your special someone a designer handbag but that just isn't accessible. Go for a designer fragrance. Hard hitting graphic bottle and ideal scent to match that is Miu Miu. 
For Her:

Scotch & Soda - This brand has been a brand I've been loving since my days in Asia. Only found in the most prestigious stores among the likes of Miu Miu, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Bottega Vaneta, Kenzo, Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada and more. Its quirky style as seen with its striped satin bomber puts Auckland's weather mood swings to rest. 
For Him:
For Her:

Tom Ford - Black Orchid fragrance is by far one of the all time classics and favourites, can't go wrong with that either but, chosen today is the Eyeshadow Quad in Honeymoon. Paired with everything above, or given separately, perfection for any girl. 
For Him:
For Her:

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