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Monday, 18 September 2017
As of 2009, your 14 year-old girl accompanied her mother to the Auckland International Airport duty free to purchase the original, lounging around using it as you would; 8 years passed and the 20 year-old girl photographs for the new Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive. Test drove this for the month, through thick and thin alongside the wrath of New Zealand Fashion Week and your girl's skin has never been quenched and soothed so much. Spending a 9 to 10 day at Fashion Week saw the worst, from sun to rain to cold wind to hot sand broke every rule given in the book of skin no-nos and this 'thing' brought it to life during and after. In partnership with Lancôme, I bring to you the results of this month-long test run. Continue reading for its full story. 

[MEASURE mezh-er] 7. any standard of comparison, estimation, or judgement. 
Claiming it to be the key to unlocking balanced skin, this Gènifique serum saga always took itself seriously - so we're not playing here. Upon opening the bottle, twist the black cap down to release the powerful concentrate [only took me 30 minutes to figure this out, no big mind blank issues there], shake as you will till it turns cloudy to mix in what seems to no longer be blue. 

PSA: As instructed use day and night; but what your girl found, it's also a powerful make-up primer. Don't sleep on it, double it up as a primer to save your bucks. Smooths out the skin for the night and keeps the foundation and everything else in place. 

Attached is the photo diary of this month-long adventure with Lancôme: An adventure I'll be continuing on with - in other words the Lancôme counter will see my eftpos card more often than not.  

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