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Monday, 18 September 2017 | Comments: 0
As of 2009, your 14 year-old girl accompanied her mother to the Auckland International Airport duty free to purchase the original, lounging around using it as you would; 8 years passed and the 20 year-old girl photographs for the new Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive. Test drove this for the month, through thick and thin alongside the wrath of New Zealand Fashion Week and your girl's skin has never been quenched and soothed so much. Spending a 9 to 10 day at Fashion Week saw the worst, from sun to rain to cold wind to hot sand broke every rule given in the book of skin no-nos and this 'thing' brought it to life during and after. In partnership with Lancôme, I bring to you the results of this month-long test run. Continue reading for its full story. 


Wednesday, 6 September 2017 | Comments: 0
Shirt depicting what's on many trolls' mind nowadays; fragile in the mind and fragile in feelings. Internet trolls seem to take over getting hurt about the littlest thing. It seems these trolls need a disclaimer written on their shirts in this modern time, time for a chill out with this and conspiracy theories. What doesn't need disclaimers are the shoes, the bag, the coat, the pants and the sunglasses - All speaking for itself and saving my feet from themselves. In collaboration with starry eyed Converse blessing in disguise sent to save my feet from standing pain what with waiting hours on end from delays, we bring you street style shots from Day 4 and last day of New Zealand Fashion Week. Note Converse making a comeback; needing some high tops sometime soon. Shot by Andre Kong for Converse and featured on Fashion Quarterly - Again, thank you too the moon. 


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Day 3 of NZFW took on some of the most creative shows, notably Wynn Hamlyn but we'll talk in depth about that another day; posts coming soon. Also notably taking on the act of missing many shows on accident for food [dreaming winter brodo, eggplant parmigiana and valrhona] and  all worth while with Aki and Shivan at Baduzzi till 10PM. Remembering this day fondly where the hair wasn't washed for 3 days, slapped kilos of dry shampoo to the point where it wasn't dry anymore hence why this bun exists - A little secret inside to the glamorous morning as an editor. 'Oil slick' seemed to double up on its term in hair and pants after all. Featured in Fashion Quarterly and shot by Wono Kim above, thank you. Continue for outfit details.


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A wave of posts coming your way post NZFW; and yes these boots were worn and born last year, no shame. It always comes to my attention that outfit repeating is considered such a taboo subject in this industry. This season its in, next it's out. Next season it's still in just in a different colour way or done by a different brand. Is it a necessity to spend so much money on pieces of clothing that you have similar of? Not only good for the environment but keeps the bank balance in check. Speaking of the now though, Fashion Week day 2 outfit featured on Fashion Quarterly and Viva. Continue for outfit details. 


Saturday, 2 September 2017 | Comments: 0
A little late to the party, but let's just simply put it like this: One of the best. Stars in our eyes, pebbled accessories and waisted suits, what's not to love? Can't get enough. First show bright and early in the morning of Tuesday, Rachel Mills presents A/W18 Neo Kind with Sarah Fabrin attached at the face. There was something about this installation that was so effortlessly memorable [That moment where pictures weren't blurry upon runway walks; sitting on pipes]. Unlike anything seen at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017, Neo Kind takes the mind to a New York beach side picturing the successes of stone skipping barefoot. Tuesday and the Fashion Week standard was over the rooftop, congratulations Rachel Mills. Continue for more. // Hair: Colleen using Kevin Murphy, Make-up: Lead by Lisa Matson for L'Oreal Paris, Screens: Samsung, Models: Clyne Models and Jewellery: Roteek