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Thursday, 10 August 2017 | Comments: 1
Would you believe it? Eight-nine months, little sleep ins, and Fashion Week is already in. Never getting a break in these modern times. // Okay - elephant in the room, probably the quietest person in the blogging scene but your girl has been working on something exciting. Now working on a campaign launch and its coming soon, stay tuned for the ride of your life. Still alive, still active; New Zealand Fashion Week 2017, just 18 days till show time and cheekbones have never been so sharp. This year, I present to you my top 12 picks for NZFW Show Packages 2017: Clyne Models. There are much more show worthy girls that can model even in their sleep, they just won't be in the country for castings. Not in any order, these local and international girls caught my eye years, months and moments ago and can feel supermodel wavelengths working in their favour. Some different faces in the industry after a good 2-year run of girls now growing outside of New Zealand, changing times in the best way possible. {Thank you Katherine, for going out of budget} Continue for more.